France: Paris – fashion week

Jardin des Tuileries in fall colours… ready for some Paris Fashion Week action!

Last Saturday I went on a day trip to my favorite city… Paris!

Whenever I can, I visit this fab metropolis and living in Belgium gives me the opportunity to visit Paris regularly… even for a daytrip.  Of course staying for a couple of days is even better, but I am glad to be able to take the bus or train and go for just a day with whoever wants to join me… my sisters, my daughters and this time I went with one of my best friends, Katrien.

Like last time I went to Paris (in May with my two daughters, you can read the post here), we went by coach. The Dutch company ‘Slangen Reizen‘ does amazing deals on day trips and weekend breaks to various European towns. You can go on a day trip to Paris for only 29 EUR!

At 4 am we had to be in Antwerp where the bus would pick us up… I know… it is an impossible hour, but for a day to the city of lights, one mysteriously has no problems at getting up at 2.45! Luckily we could still get some sleep on the bus.

By 10 o’clock we were dropped of at the Bateaux Mouches. You can read in next week’s post what we did in the morning and where we had lunch. But today I will tell you more about our afternoon occupations…

We went to the Jardins des Tuileries to soak up the Paris Fashion Week atmosphere. It was the first time we experienced this and I am glad I could be part of this fashion circus for just a tiny bit. We were there just when people started arriving for the Elie Saab fashion show… men and women from all ages but all had one thing in common : fashion. Whether you liked their outfits or not, each and every one of them had taken the time to dress themselves in an outfit that they would immediately be noticed in. I took so many photos and my friend Katrien was the perfect assistent… as she is quite tall, she could spot interesting outfits from afar and could tell me ‘there is one lady in a fab white dress’, ‘oh there is a gentleman in a fantastic blue suit and hat’,…

One lady I was particularly glad to see… Chriselle Lim from She is a stylist and blogger and I have been following her for quite some time now. She looked, as always, very stylish and I nearly went to her to ask if I could take a photo of the two of us, but I didn’t want to disturb her. Afterwards I regretted it of course… oh well… maybe next time!

Below you see tons of photos I took that beautiful fall afternoon in the Jardins des Tuileries.

Christina Pitanguy, the Brazilian journalist and fashion influencer.



My first Paris Fashion Week… and I look fab!







Chriselle Lim from







Model, stylist, creative director, blogger,… Kristina Bazan from





After spotting fashionista in the Jardins des Tuileries, we went to some posh shopping streets like Rue Saint-Honoré, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Rue Cambon, Place Vendôme,… Unfortunately our wallet didn’t stretch far enough for that Chanel jacket, Cartier necklace or Valentino dress, but we had fun just strolling around and do some window shopping. A girl can dream now, can’t she ?!

As I told you before, next week I’ll do a second post on our Paris daytrip, so make sure to tune in again!

Love, Kathleen

You might also be interested in a post from a couple of months ago about an exposition I visited about Belgian fashion designers.



Rue Cambon 31, where it all began for Coco Chanel!


Cartier necklace

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