Beauty : Mylène – Mink oil


In several beauty posts I already mentioned Mylène, a Belgian beauty and skincare brand, which sells through homeparties. Every couple of months, some friends and I come together at someone’s home, we gather around the table with some wine, tapas… and Mylène products! One of these products is an absolute classic : mink oil.

This mink oil has been in Mylène’s collection ever since the company started. Because of the 50th anniversary of Mylène and because this mink oil is one of their best selling products, the company decided to put the oil in a festive package. The bottle has a pumping system so you can really dose the amount of product you need. A little goes a long way, so don’t overdo it!

This oil can be used for a variety of reasons. It is 100% natural so it can be used on every kind of skin, however sensitive that skin might be. I’ve always got at least one bottle at home and this oil is used by all members of my family!

My family’s top 5 mink oil uses :

  • as a night treatment : as my skin tends to be a bit dry in winter I use this oil as a night treatment, I just rub 3-4 drops onto my face and neck. It is really moisturizing and nurturing. I also use it on the frailer skin of my eyes. I sometimes use it as a serum. Then I use only one drop, let my skin soak it up and then put on my night cream.
  • as a moisurizer for my legs : when my legs are really dry I use a couple of drops of mink oil to give them a moisturzing boost. I sometimes have these small dry patches on my skin. If I put some of this oil on them, they heal faster.
  • on bruises and scars : when someone in my family has a bruise, I put some of this oil on it as it helps to heal the bruise faster. You can also use it on scars and striae. This oil helps to heal the skin.
  • on sunburnt skin : this mink oil also helps to heal sunburnt skin.
  • my husband’s skin can get really itchy because of all the medication he has to take. I try to talk him into rubbing this oil on his skin before it gets itchy… but he doesn’t always listen of course. When he asks for the bottle of mink oil, I know it must be really bad. Using this oil, reliefs his skin.

This mink oil is definitely a good product. It’s always on my list whenever there is a Mylène homeparty!

Love, Kathleen

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