Today’s quote : life goes on

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life : it goes on… – Robert Frost

This photo was taken in April when we were on holiday in the stunning Peak District in England… I actually wasn’t feeling all right at the time because of my burn-out, but those walks we did were great for the body as well as the mind and were actually the beginning of my (slow) healing process…

Life is yin and yang, no light without darkness, no happiness without pain, no good times without the bad,…

But luckily life goes on… sometimes a bit quick perhaps, but it goes on. So when things aren’t looking up, when things don’t go as planned, when everything around you seems to fall apart, just remember… life goes on.

It can never stay bad all the time. The tide will turn sooner or later, the pain you feel will go away, the problems you have might be just that bit more easy to handle after a good night’s sleep.

You must never give up. Life goes on so wait for the sunshine, wait for the good times, they will certainly come back !

I know you might think ‘that’s easy to say’… but actually I know what I am talking about… A couple of months ago I actually suffered from a burn-out (you can read about that in this post) and I must confess that I am still recovering from it. At times I even think that this burn-out is something that is slumbering and one day will be back… but I must not think that way… life goes on and so will this burn-out ! If I look back on things that I managed to do in the past, I can be really proud of myself and I must focus on that! So at difficult times I try to think of positive things to keep me going…

Have you ever been in a desperate situation when you didn’t know how and when you’d get through ? If you have and you look back on it…  don’t you think ‘if I knew that before, I swear I wouldn’t have gotten through’… but still you did. Don’t you feel proud then that you still managed to get through ?! Go on, straight your back and be proud that you did!

So remember : whenever in a tough situation, take a deep breath because… life ? It goes on !

Love, Kathleen

Photography : Charlotte Kluskens

4 thoughts on “Today’s quote : life goes on

  1. I love this quote! Sometimes I feel like we get bogged down in the details of a plan and can only see the things that have gone wrong. But you’re right- life goes on! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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