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Travel recap n°5

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On this dark and gloomy December day, I will take you back on the past 15 tips ‘n trips posts… so if you want to know about walks ‘n castles, cities ‘n cathedrals, lakes ‘n high tea… you’d better stick with me for a while and read today’s recap! Take me to that recap!

England: Peak District – Jane Eyre walk

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I already told you about our Monsal Head and Dovedale walk we did in the Peak District. One last walk we did whilst on holiday in this beautiful part of England, was a Jane Eyre inspired walk.  Read more about this walk… and see some stunning pics!

Lazy Sunday

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October is nearing its end… time flies by… and so here’s another Lazy Sunday with another recap of this week’s posts!

In Monday’s beautypost I told you about the Garnier waterproof eye make-up remover I am currently using (and loving).

On Tuesday there was a quote about endurance… and I shared with you a really personal story about how I coped with my husband’s illness and how one is really so much tougher than one thinks…

On Thursday there was this tips ‘n trips about a lovely (but hard) walk we did in the Peak District and the outfit of the week was all about my white tunic.

How has your week been going? I hope everything is just fine… and now on to some days off 🙂

Love, Kathleen

PS: this picture was taken during our walk in the Peak District… to read more click Thursday’s link!

England: Peak District – Ilam and Dovedale walk

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Last week I told you about our first walk in the beautiful English Peak District (which you can read here). Guess what… today it’s all about the second walk we did whilst on holiday in the Peak District last year in April! Read more about this second walk!

Lazy Sunday

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On today’s Lazy Sunday a quick recap on last week’s posts…

There was this beautypost in which I reveal my nighttime ritual… there was a quote by Donna Karan about being positive… there was this travelpost about a fabulous walk in the Peak District and there was this outfitpost featuring my crazy cat dress…

Now I can’t wait what next week will bring here on ‘the good, the fab and the lovely’… can you?!

Love, Kathleen

PS: the picture was taking during our first walk in the Peak District!

England: Peak District – a walk from Ashford to Monsal Head

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Last year in April we visited the Peak District in England. It was a holiday filled with fabulous and stunning trips. I already told you about our visits to Lyme Park and Chatsworth in this post and also about our visit to Tissington. Today I will tell you about the first of three walks we did in this area of outstanding beauty… Read more about this walk!

One year of good, fab and lovely posts : tips ‘n trips

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Ever since the beginning of my blog I have been posting travel tips ‘n trips. I like sharing my travel experiences with others. And as I always take heaps of photographs when on holiday, it became a habit to put many of them in my travel posts.

Some travel posts did really well while others were hardly read. Today I will put 6 travel posts in the picture. Besides the 3 most popular ones, I will take a look back at 3 posts that didn’t do well at all even though I think they are worth reading!  Read more about these good, fab and lovely travel posts!

England: Peak District – Tissington

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Last week you could read a post about Lyme Park and Chatsworth House, which we visited last year on our holiday in the Peak District. We had a fab week in the Peak District and I really want to share with you another great trip we did back then : a visit to the beautiful little village of Tissington. Read more about this beautiful little village!

Today’s quote : life goes on

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In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life : it goes on… – Robert Frost

This photo was taken in April when we were on holiday in the stunning Peak District in England… I actually wasn’t feeling all right at the time because of my burn-out, but those walks we did were great for the body as well as the mind and were actually the beginning of my (slow) healing process…

Life is yin and yang, no light without darkness, no happiness without pain, no good times without the bad,…

But luckily life goes on… sometimes a bit quick perhaps, but it goes on. So when things aren’t looking up, when things don’t go as planned, when everything around you seems to fall apart, just remember… life goes on. Read more about this quote!