Talks from the heart… How to lose 5 kilos – week 4


A couple of weeks ago I started my new challenge… I had gained some kilos over the last couple of months and somehow I didn’t manage to lose them! That’s why I made it into a challenge to lose 5 kilos… preferably before the festive season 🙂

I hope that this challenge will help me reach my goal. In return for all you guys being my sounding board, I will give you a recipe each week and also some tips on how to lose weight and how to eat and live healthier. 

Let me tell you how my fourth week has been…

I know I’m repeating myself here, but this week has, again, been quite good!

Only the weekends are a bit harder as there’s always something going on somewhere… but even then I try to do my best and watch what I eat and drink. Especially alcohol as that really contains a lot of calories. So in those 4 weeks I’ve been watching my weight and trying to eat healthier I really cut down on the alcohol. Normally on weekends, at home or at a party, I enjoy some wine, but this past month I only drank wine at my son’s birthday and last week a nice glass of cava on a trip to Antwerp with my husband.

This past week I’ve lost another 500 grams… so in all I have lost 3 kilos now in just 4 weeks. And I must say I’m already noticing it on my stomach which is flatter and also my face which is a bit less round.  That goes to show that you don’t always have to lose a lot of weight to notice it!

Two more weeks to go… I don’t think I will lose another 2 kilos to reach my goal… but actually that doesn’t really matter. To me it’s all about that healthier lifestyle… that is eventually what is most important… creating a healhty lifestyle which is maintainable for the rest of your life!

Here are some tips to eat and live healthy :

Tip 1 : don’t look on a diet as something evil, look upon it as a new, healthy way of eating

Tip 2 : any time is a good time to start living and eating in a healthy, responsible way

Tip 3 : drink lots of water

Tip 4 : eat 5 times a day

Tip 5 : exercise

Today’s tip : make the right choices

Life is full of making choices… preferably the right ones! So is eating healthy…  Make sure you think twice before putting something in your mouth!

And to make it even harder, sometimes things may look healthy or may be advertised as healthy, but we are ever so often deceived…

When buying your ingredients, take a close look at the label. Don’t just look at the calories of something, but also at the fat content. Compare several ingredients and look for the best option.

We often now which one is the right choice and still, every so often we go for the ‘bad’ choice… I know it is hard to make the right and wise choice every single time… we are after all only human… So if you go for something ‘bad’, make sure it’s worth it! Think twice before putting it into your mouth… go outside for a minute, or to the toilet, or drink a glass of water… Perhaps that’s all you need not to put that piece of chocolate into your mouth after all!

Here’s a short list that will help you make the better choice…

icecream –> sorbet

mayonnaise –> light dressing

white bread –> wholemeal bread

sausages –> chicken/turkey

minced meat –> steak tartare

whole milk –> semi-skimmed milk

full fat yoghurt/cottage cheese –> fat-free yoghurt/cottage cheese

cornflakes –> muesli

french fries –> oven fries (you can read my recipe here)

mojito/margarita/… –> cava

cream soup –> vegetable soup with low-fat broth

fruit juice –> a piece of fruit

coca-cola –> coca cola light or zero

skipping meals –> eating regularly

Making the right choices is also important during the festive season… but more on that next week!

Today’s recipe : paprika filled with spicy marinated chicken

This week, my husband surprised me with a delicious and healthy dish of which I want to share the recipe.

  • cut the chicken breast in small strips
  • marinate the chicken with some olive oil, curry powder, paprika powder and some freshly grounded pepper (we don’t use additional salt, but you can if you want to of course)
  • if possible let the chicken marinate in a the fridge for a couple of hours
  • wash the paprika’s and make them ready to be stuffed
  • let a chopped onion and a chopped clove of garlic simmer for a while on a medium heat
  • add a bit of hot sauce and a tin of chopped tomatoes
  • fry the chicken strips shortly on a high heat and add to the onion/garlic/tomatoes
  • fill the paprika’s and put them in the oven at 180° for about 30 minutes
  • serve the paprika’s with some couscous, rice, potatoes, pasta
  • bon appétit

Do you want to join me?

Perhaps you also want to loose just a couple of kilos before Christmas or you just want to start living a bit healthier? Why don’t we learn from eachother, motivate eachother, share tips and keep eachother informed. Feel free to comment below this post and perhaps we can help eachother!

Next week’s tip is on how to survive the festive season… check it out in 7 days!

Love, Kathleen

Beware : I am not a health coach, dietician, nutritionist… I am just sharing tips that I have read and heard, tips that are helpful to me to watch my weight and to live a healthier life. If you want expert advice on how to lose weight, I advise you to seek professional help!

9 thoughts on “Talks from the heart… How to lose 5 kilos – week 4

  1. This recipe is definitely in my taste pallet. I would love to try this. I have also been working out and trying to eat well and it makes such a difference in your attitude. You are what you eat I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yip… that’s right! When I’m misbehaving (concerning food and drink that is 😉 !) I feel less energized and less beautiful … that really goes hand in hand! So… eating healthier equals feeling better, feeling more healthy, feeling prettier,… why in the hell shouldn’t we at least give it a try ?! Good luck and thanks for reading! Love, Kathleen


  2. This is such a briliant post Kathleen, I absolutely love your substitutes so will be taking a note of them and doing my best to swap as many as possible! The Christmas season in our house means that the cupboards are always full of tasty nibbles… I just need to somehow divert my attention lol Karen xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s always difficult watching your weight.. but during the Christmas season it’s almost impossible !!! Well, for me anyway… and I think for a lot of people! That’s why I want to lose those extra kilos in advance… because I know that between 19 december (my first party) and 23 January (my last party) a couple of kilos will make their way back to my body 😦 It’s so unfair… al those lovely things are rich in calories!! I’ll have to re-read my tips myself those weeks… Good luck to all of us I’d say 😀 Love, Kathleen

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree – so much temptation, I’d literally need a padlock on my cupboard doors to stop me lol Wishing you all the very best in reaching your target huni… I’m afraid I’ll admit defeat until 2016! At least we have your post to keep referring to when the temptation gets too strong hehe XXX

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Posting this challenge really helps me watch what I’m eating… can you believe that! Anything to reach my goal 😉 I’m sure I’ll gain a bit again during the festive season, but I won’t let that spoil all the fun 🙂 Love, Kathleen x

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I love to eat and its hard for me to change my eating habits. I’m more into fitness dancing because I love to have fun while doing those things 😀 so yeah, that is how i try to lose weight. Thank God I have lose about 1kg in two weeks time since I did it for like 30 minutes / day and sometimes even 1 hour plus when I’m so into it and didn’t realize what time is it already. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I try to work out as much as possible, but I must say that the last weeks I haven’t been on my best behaviour on that part… exercising really helps though… and you can afford to eat that extra cookie or have that glass of wine!! Good luck, keep on dancing and enjoy your food 🙂 Love, Kathleen


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