Fashion: Fitting room fits – Winter 2015/2016


At the beginning of the fall season, I posted some fitting room fits for fall. There were several trends that I tried in a fitting room : mixing prints, animal print, leather and pink.

As the winter season is on our doorstep, it’s time to give you some more fitting room try-outs, this time fit for winter!  

Trend 1 : coats and jackets

This winter season there are so many different coats and jackets! There really is one for anyone’s taste… and more…

When looking for a winter coat, try and think of these things : 

  • which length do you want?
  • which fabric do you like best?
  • if you regularly make use of public transport, try to stay clear of light colours…
  • does your coat need to be waterproof?
  • when you are buying an addition to the coats you already have, try and think what is still missing in your cupboard
  • do you mostly wear pants or dresses/skirts ? Adjust the coat you’ll buy to your usual everyday style!

Here are some styles I tried :

I do not like the checkered coat on me… I look so boxy!! Perhaps if I had worn denim trousers it would’ve been better, but this coat is just not my style!

I like the grey woollen coat from Esprit. It felt nice and comfortable and it was a beautiful fabric. The fact that I can tie it at the waist is a plus for me.

But I also like that pastel blue coat from E5. The faux fur collar is detachable. At only 125 EUR this definitely is a great buy!

faux fur

The left coat has got a really beautiful deep plum colour. I tried it on at JBC. They also had a beautiful faux fur collar in that very same colour.

The multi-colour faux fur from HM looks ok on the photo, but I thought the quality of this coat was not good at all. And another problem : I couldn’t button up that coat! It kept on clicking open (and it was the right size I promise you 🙂 )

My favorite from the faux fur coats definitely is the middle one : the black faux fur from JBC. It looked really nice and stylish, it felt comfortable and I like the length of it.

Which coat do you like best?

Trend 2 : black ‘n white

Black and white is always nice together don’t you think?

Here are some tips for buying black ‘n white this winter : 

  • look for a graphic design as that is super trendy right now
  • basics in black and white are always a hit… you can buy and wear these items all year long : a perfect black blazer, a crisp white blouse, black pants,… certainly worth investing in!
  • this winter white is definitely a hit… and not only in blouses… a cream woollen dress, crisp white culottes, a white faux fur coat,… I really want to buy something white or cream this winter… but I’m waiting for the sales 🙂

At HM I tried on different black ‘n white outfits… See what styles I came up with!

In the photos above, I show you a graphic dress from HM. I really liked it. I tried it on with a black turtleneck and a nice long black vest. I would definitely fall for this style!


left : a cute horizontally striped dress which is perfect for my body type ! I would have to wear a vest over it though, to keep nice and warm…

middle : casual black pants, a black blouse and a black ‘n white blazer. I like this style. Comfortable yet stylish…

right : a flowy white dress, with a fine black stripe, worn with the same cardigan as with the graphic dress. This white dress could be tied at the waist. Although I have never tried a white dress in winter before, I think it can definitely work…

I felt comfortable in all these outfits… If I would have to pick one, I would have difficulties making a choice!

Which outfit do you like best on me?

And which outfit would you choose for yourself?

Trend 3 : marsala

Marsala definitely is the new colour of the season. I like this beautiful wine red colour. It suits most people, it’s a warm colour and it can look really festive and chic! So why don’t you go for it!

Below you see three styles I tried on at JBC

The left and middle dress are both dresses from the same collection. They are made out of the same fabric, but they have a different style and cut. The left is a sleeveless A-line dress with ruffles at the hem. I think it is a cute dress, but an A-line dress is less flattering for my body type. It may look ok on the photo, but that’s just because of the way I’m holding my body. Standing straight, this dress didn’t do my body any favours! So this is definitely a no for me.

The middle dress is way better for me. It is figure-hugging and it has got flowy cap sleeves, which look like a cape at the back. Definitely a dress I would wear to a diner!

The right dress is a button-down dress with a military feel to it because of the breast-pockets and the epaulettes. The fabric though was of a minor quality than the other two dresses.

Which marsala dress do you like best?

Trend 4 : casual pants

Casual pants are definitely trending! Sweat pants, jogging pants, leggings,… any type of comfortable pants in a soft fabric is a hit nowadays. The good thing is, once these pants go out of style, you can still wear them for a comfortable night on the couch!

Beware… casual pants can be tricky… don’t make the following mistakes: 

  • the pants are saggy at your bum
  • the fabric is too thick
  • the fabric is too sheer
  • the styling is too PJs…

Below you see three styles I tried on at HM .

casual pant

Left : I really like this outfit! The casual pants and the prudish blouse make one good team. Should I go for it? Mmm… I don’t think I’d dare wearing this to go to work! Would you?

Middle : you don’t see it on this photo, but these flared leggings are in a beautiful bronze colour, with a glittery thread in the fabric. I combined it with a camel sweater which also had a gold thread in the fabric.

Right : these black casual pants were really comfortable, but I especially fell for this breton striped sweater!! Those stripes really give you a waist 🙂

Which style do you like best on me?

Would you dare to wear that left outfit to go to work??

Trend 5 : glitter ‘n glamour

The winter collections always have some glitter ‘n glamour in them… this year it isn’t any different! Lots of bling, gold, glitter and sequins to be seen in all the stores these days. So I tried on some glamourous outfits…

When buying glitter ‘n glamour try and think of these tips : 

  • do not reveal too much! Cleavage or legs… make a decision! It might get a bit tacky otherwise…
  • when going for glitter ‘n glamour, keep the rest of your outfit simple. Combine with a simple blouse or vest, keep your shoes stylish but simple!
  • Remember your age… some things look great on a hanger or on 16-year olds but not on a 40+ body!!
  • If you intend to buy something glitzy, think about the “cost-per-wear”… if I would be buying a sequined dress to wear only once, I’d never buy a 300 EUR dress… I would rather spend that kind of money on some basics which would last me a lifetime so to speak


Jumpsuit from HM  : (the legs of this jumpsuit were way too long, but let’s pretend they were a perfect fit…) This jumpsuit has got quite a cleavage now hasn’t it? But as it is an all black item in a simple design and as my legs are completely covered, I think it looks really stylish! I would definitely wear this to a party or a fancy diner…

Tweed dress from HM  : this dress is really beautiful. The thick fabric, in black, white and gold, hides all those humps, lumps and bumps… perfect :-). You can wear it to various occasions… Christmas Diner for instance! It would also be perfect for a Christmas lunch at the office.

Sequined skirt from HM  : when entering my local HM, I was immediately drawn to this sequined pencilskirt. It comes in two colour variations : gold and silver. As the skirt is such an eyecatcher, I styled it quite simple… just a sleeveless black blouse. My daughter says I am too old for this kind of skirt… well actually she put it more politely… she said that the skirt was too young for me (10/10 for tact!!). What do you think?!

Sequined dress from JBC: this figure hugging sequined dress from JBC is made in a really stretchy fabric which made it actually quite comfortable! The cut of this dress is really simple and that’s just fine as this fabric is so shiny and glittery… It has got a beautiful low cut back, which unfortunately was impossible for me to capture on my Iphone!

Which outfit is your favorite?

Would you go for a fully sequined dress or skirt?

Phew… this was a long post! Thumbs up for those who read it completely… you’re the best :-D!

I really hope I gave you some inspiration. I am looking forward to all your comments so don’t be shy to put your thoughts in the comment box below!

Love, Kathleen


2 thoughts on “Fashion: Fitting room fits – Winter 2015/2016

    1. Ja en ook zo leuk om te doen!!! Wel soms verleidelijk hoor 😉 maar ik doe dan echt soms dingen aan die ik anders nooit zou aandoen en dan merk je soms dat je met bepaalde dingen toch wel staat hoor… ne mens is nooit te oud om te leren 🙂 Groetjes en een fijn weekend Merel!


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