Fashion: Fitting room fits – Fall 2015


I did some some research on what’s trendy for the next fall season. While I was on my 50-day challenge of not buying any clothes, accessories or shoes, I thought it would be really hard trying on all these new styles, but actually I was quite ok with it. I’ve been having fun trying on stuff, trying on things that I would normally not even lay my hands on. Seeing myself in outfits I would otherwise never try, has opened my eyes. 

The results of my research you see here in my ‘fall fitting room fits’… (Sorry for the quality of the pictures… apparantly the lights in most fitting rooms are not fit for taking selfies 🙂 ).

Trend 1 : mixing prints

I will first give you some tips on mixing prints as that can be quite tricky…

  • when in doubt on how to mix prints, then go for outfits that are put together in the store, outfits that are on show on the mannequins
  • if you’re unsure about which prints would go together, look for a similar colour in the different prints that you will put together
  • trust your own opinion and don’t get distracted or influenced by what others think
  • just try on some stuff and don’t be tempted to buy the first thing you see…

I’ve got 2 H&M outfits for you. The first one is quite sober.It is perfect for women who are afraid of mixing prints, for those who are quite insecure on how to. You can see how I stayed in one colour palette for this outfit. The dress and vest are in a similar burgundy colour and the print in the dress is not bold at all so it doesn’t clash too much with the print of the vest.

This outfit would look great with a pair of high heeled boots, some mary janes or even flat loafers for those who dare ! The statement necklace completes the outfit.


The second outfit is a bit more bold. The top is quite daring with the cat print, but because of the mute colours, I think it works. The trousers are in similar mute colours as the top. This is an outfit I would definitely wear ! I chose a long, golden coloured necklace as an accessory and some brown platform heels. For extra warmth I added a turtleneck, which is also hip ‘n trendy this coming fall/winter season… you can wear a turtleneck underneath… anything apparently !

This comfortable outfit would cost me less than 100 EUR !


Trend 2 : animal print

This leopard print wrap dress from JBC immediately caught my attention. It is the perfect dress to take you from summer to fall. Now you can still wear it with bare legs, but very soon, when chillier times arrive, you can wear this dress with a pantyhose, perhaps a turtleneck underneath and a faux fur or leather jacket. This dress would look great with high heeled (ankle) boots.

A wrap dress is perfect for my body type and I must admit that one day I hope to own a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress!


Trend 3 : leather

For this trend I looked for an outfit that had ‘rock chick’ written all over it. I chose this (faux leather trousers at E5-mode. I didn’t feel comfortable in these trousers so I definitely would not buy them. But I was an instant fan of this gorgeous grey jacket. With a pair of black booties and a warm knitted scarf, I’m sure you’re off for some fabulous fall adventures!


A second outfit with leather in the picture, is build around this fab dark green, cut-out leather skirt from & Other Stories. I absolutely love this skirt… the colour, the cut-outs, the shape of the skirt,… everything !

I combined the skirt with three different tops, to show how versatile this rather chic looking skirt is :

  • with a denim shirt : this makes the skirt more casual. I like the combination of denim with leather.
  • with a sleeveless top : this top with graphic print makes the skirt more dressed up. Perfect for a having a few cocktails with some friends if you ask me !
  • with a pastel pink sweater : this woolen sweater is so warm and cosy… ànd pastel ! That’s another trend for the coming season. So a double winner here…


Trend 4 : pink

Pink is one of the trending colours this coming season… so when clearing your wardrobe, don’t put away those pink garments as they might come in handy for jazzing up an outfit next fall.

Pink doesn’t always have to mean sweet and sugary as above outfit (with the dark green leather skirt) proves. Another combination with this pink & Other Stories sweater you can see below. Here the sweater is teamed with pin-striped, dark blue, woolen, loose fitted trousers which have quite a masculin cut (that is another trend you now !). This outfit would be great to go to work, don’t you think ?


Another shade of pink that is trending is a nude pink as you see in the two last outfits of this post.

The first one features nude pink, floral trousers from E5-mode. I styled it with a nude pink top and scarf and a shiny taupe tricot vest. This outfit is so comfortable that you won’t even have the urge to change into your PJ’s when coming home from work ! I love this outfit and I think the colours really work on me.


This long pleated boho-like skirt (which is just a bit long for me I know !) from JBC is teamed with a purple t-shirt with a bit of bling on the front pocket. I like the bronze-coloured belt of the skirt. I also added a leather jacket to this outfit. Now as much as I like this outfit (I think I rock it !)  I would never buy it for fall… I’d rather wear this skirt in springtime. What do you think ?


So, those were my fall fitting room fits. I hope I gave you some inspiration ! I only showed a couple of fall trends… of course there are more trends for the coming season… boho, black/white, florals, knitwear, 60ies mod, men’s wear,…  But I’d say… go see for yourself and take the time to try different stuff, even things you would normally not buy… You might be in for a surprise !

I wish you all the best on your next shopping spree !

Love, Kathleen

7 thoughts on “Fashion: Fitting room fits – Fall 2015

  1. Wow! Loving trends #1 and #3 on you!! The leather looks so hot on you! Way to go! Blush pink/rose quartz is your colour too. Loving these fitting room pics! And good on you on the 50-day no spend! I wish I had that willpower…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ik had nochthans getwijfeld om het te posten… maar er zat wel wat werk in dus heb ik het toch maar gepost… en voor die kattentrui… hoe leuk is die !!! Op naar H&M zou ik zeggen 😉 groetjes ! Kathleen


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