Beauty : At home facial


Once a week I try to do a facial at home. Cleansing, scrubbing, putting on a mask,… it’s all part of my weekly routine!

So today I will tell you all the steps of my at home facial… 

Step 1 : cleansing

I start my facial by cleansing my face with micellar water. This time I use the micellar water of Corine de Farme (*). I got this at the Yapado press days in November and I have been using it ever since I finished the Vichy micellar lotion (review). This Corine de Farme micellar water smells fresh. It removes my make-up really well. The bottle has a pump system which is very handy to use. But don’t push the pump all the way down as you end up with too much product on your cotton wool! Using micellar water is a quick, easy and thorough way of cleansing!

To remove my eye make-up I use the ‘cleansing two phases eye make-up remover’ from Kruidvat, the drugstore I often go to for make-up and skincare products. As this product is from the home brand, it is much cheaper than other brands. I have been using this product for years now. It’s soft for my eyes and removes my eye make-up and mascara really well.

Step 2 : scrubbing
For this facial I use a scrub I got at the Global Image press days. it’s from Body and Bess (**), a brand which specializes in natural products made from the oil of raspberry seeds, hence the dark red colour of the product. It has soft scrub particles. After scrubbing I rinse my face with lukewarm water and my skin feels very soft and clean.

Step 3 : masks

I am using two different masks : an eye mask and a facial mask.

Eye mask : 

I recently bought these gel eye masks from Rodial. They intensly hydrate and moisturise the eye area. It gives the skin underneath my eyes a refreshing feeling and they seem less puffy.

When using the eye masks, make sure you cut the packaging carefully at the top. Take the eye masks out, remove the plastic from both sides and put the gel masks underneath your eyes. Now DO NOT THROW AWAY the packaging!! There is still some product left in it, which can be used as an eye serum for a couple of days 😉

Facial mask : 

I regularly change the facial masks I am using. I am now fan of those single doses they sell. I buy different kinds of masks and use the one which my skin needs at the time of my facial…

This time I use the ‘white chocolate mask’ from Montagne de Jeunesse. I like white chocolate… a lot! So I really thought I would be tempted to eat the mask instead of putting it on my face… but as a matter of fact I don’t like the smell of this mask at all!

Now I may not like the smell, it certainly does the job it promises to do… After leaving this mask on for about 15-20 minutes, it dries up completely. My skin feels a bit itchy by then, but after rinsing my face with lukewarm water, my skin is thoroughly clean and as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Step 4 : lotion

After rinsing of the masks , I remove all residue with lotion. I have been using this Kruidvat lotion for years now. It does it’s job and, as it’s from the Kruidvat home brand, it’s cheap!

Step 5 : serum

On my eyes I use a bit of the eye mask product that I squeeze out of the Rodial packaging. I let it dry and I feel the skin around my eyes tighten. I hope it looks as good as it feels 🙂

For my face I am currently using the Oil of Olaz  total effects serum which gives my skin a velvety feel. I am not 100% satisfied with this product so I am still on the hunt for the perfect serum… I have used the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum before, but I think it’s rather expensive. If you’ve got cheaper options… do tell in the comments!

Step 6 : eye gel

On my eyes, I use the ‘advanced night repair’ eye gel creme from Estée Lauder I am really satisfied with this eye gel! It gives the frail skin around my eyes a firm, velvety feeling. You can read my thoughts in this review.

Step 7 : moisturiser

As a moisturiser I am currently using Estée Lauder daywear. Some time ago I bought a promotion package from Estée Lauder, which contained several products, including this ‘daywear’. I will do a review on this product in a couple of weeks!

So… these are the 7 steps of my elaborate at home facial! Doing a weekly facial hydrates, nourishes and cleanses my skin. It makes it soft and smooth and I do believe that because of all these facials I’ve done over all those years, my skin is younger, fresher and firmer! Well… I do hope so anyway… but we’ll never know now will we 🙂

Do you regularly do facials? What are your favorite products? Do tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

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(*) The Corine de Farme micellar water I used during this facial, was in my goodie bag at the Yapada press days in November.

(**) The Body and Bess scrub I used during this facial, was in my goodie bag at the Global Image press days in November.

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    1. tsss… Stella… you really should do facials!!!! Your 10 year older me will be very thankful 😀 (but I know how it is when you’ve got little kids… never enough time… 😉 ) Love, Kathleen

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