Holland : Delft


Today in this tips ‘n trips post, I tell you more about this really lovely Dutch town, Delft. We visited this beautiful town two years ago, but we certainly will visit Delft again as this is such a charming little town.

We parked our car at a car park near the train station and walked towards the lovely historic city centre. As many Dutch towns, Delft has heaps of canals, bridges and fab canal houses and we really enjoyed strolling around the little winding streets.




Lots of houses have those characteristic stepped gables which is such a pretty sight to see.



On the market place are very old buildings : the ‘Nieuwe Kerk’ (= the new church) is a gothic church from the 14th century, the 17th century town hall and also the 18th century Waag which is now a pub/restaurant. In the evening, before our 1.5 hour drive to get home, we had a lovely diner there.

De Waag is a very cosy pub/restaurant!

On the market place are also lots of shops which sell all sorts of different things like souvenirs, cheese, but also of course Delftware. If you want to know more about this  blue/white porcelain, you should pay a visit to the website of Delft, where you can find information on factories which are open to the public.

Lots of shops on the market place, this one selling the famous Delftware
…and of course cheese
… and souvenirs : wooden tulips
and fresh flowers

As we arrived in the early afternoon and it was such a bright sunny January day, we decided not to visit any museums. But Delft certainly has some interesting ones! There is the Prinsenhof which used to be a convent and in the 17th century a cloth hall (to trade goods) but now there is a museum with lots of memorabila from the Eighty Years’ War. And another museum which apparantly is a must see is the Vermeercentrum,  a centre concerning life and work from the famous Dutch painter Vermeer.

Writing all this and picking out photos from two years ago, makes me want to go back to this lovely Dutch town… we might do so next summer! Have you ever been to Delft? Or any other charming little Dutch town? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

Here’s a post about two other charming little Dutch towns, Zwolle and Kampen!

There are also lots of antique shops in Delft.



15  20



2 thoughts on “Holland : Delft

  1. Wat een leuk verslag heb je ervan gemaakt! Delft is de afgelopen tijd heel erg veranderd vind ik, er zijn veel toffe winkeltjes bij gekomen in leegstaande panden enzo. Zeker nog eens terug gaan dus!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We moeten er écht nog eens naar toe… ik vond het zo een mooi, gezellig stadje! Ik wil het zeker dit jaar nog eens doen… Ik wil echt wel dat Vermeercentrum eens zien… heb ooit ‘Het meisje met de parel’ gezien in Den Haag tijdens een tentoonstelling. Prachtig gewoon… die ogen bleven me volgen, eender waar ik me in de zaal bevond! Dat staat dus zeker op het programma voor 2016 🙂 Groetjes, Kathleen


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