Today’s quote : singing

“If everyone started off the day singing, just think how happy they’d be.” – Lauren Myracle.


A couple of weeks ago you could read a quote from Aldous Huxley here on “The good, the fab and the lovely” and I told you about one of my favourite songs. Now music has always been important to me, ever since I was a little child. I don’t play any instruments, but boy… do I sing…

When I wake up I’m just doing the things that need to be done… I’m getting myself ready, make my lunch, drink some coffee, check the newspaper,… all in a quiet and calm way, not annyoing anyone and nobody annoys me… perfect!

But when I leave the house, when I get in the car to get to work and when I turn on the radio…I start singing and whistling along with like everything that’s on the radio… and I really mean everything… even those annoying ads… it’s my way to wake up!

Sadly for my two youngest kids, they’re with me in the car as I drop them off at school in the mornings. Actually they want a nice and quiet ride to school in the mornings so they kinda hate me in the mornings for singing… and for using my steering-wheel as my drums…

They’ve got these painful looks on their faces, eyes closed. “It’ll pass soon enough” you can almost hear them think… or they’re moaning as yet another song  starts on the radio and I join in… cheerfully… and no doubt off key!

“Do you really know every song mum” my son once asked. And lately my daughter said that in the car I only stop singing to swear at another driver… And you know what… she’s absolutely right 😀

After our 15 minute drive (which obviously seems much longer to my kids) they’re glad to get out of the car… glad to get rid of their crazy mum… but secretly I hope that they wouldn’t want me to be otherwise…

Now you may start to feel a bit sorry for my kids when you read all this… but you know, singing makes me happy… It’s perhaps a minority that can say that they’re singing at the top of their lungs at 8 am, but hey… at least I start my day in a happy way!

Do you start off your day in a happy way by singing along or do you need some time to wake up? Do tell in the comments!

Love, Kathleen



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