Quote of the day : wasting time

“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” – Bertrand Russell



Oh how I enjoy wasting some time… and no… it doesn’t make me feel guilty at all (wel not alwys anyway…)!

I think wasting some time is absolutely necessary to keep yourself safe and sound. I do enjoy wasting time on my own. That can go from taking an hour long bath, to browsing in a bookstore, surfing the net for hours on end, doing some windowshopping on a Saturday afternoon,…

Wasting my time is definitely beneficial for me… If I wouldn’t do this, I think I’d go insane! I really need this to keep my energy level up. I have found that skipping on wasting time has damaging effects on my well-being… I lose myself if I don’t waste enough time… I cannot be myself, I get cranky, restless, moody… so please let me enjoy wasting some time… if it isn’t for my own well-being… well then let it be for yours!

Do you enjoy wasting some time on your own? Or are you someone who can’t stand wasting time and always wants something to do? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

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2 thoughts on “Quote of the day : wasting time

  1. Oh, I very much enjoy wasting time. Like you, I need it to stay sane. I still feel guilty sometimes, when the laundry still has to be done or when there are a million things to do around the house. But I’m trying to put myself first and not worry about the housework.

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    1. Yip… the housework won’t run away, nor will it be done by gnomes… so don’t worry while wasting your time… It’ll still be their afterwards :-D. Thanks for reading! Love, Kathleen

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