Quote of the day : springtime!

“Spring is nature’s way of saying : let’s party!” – Robin Williams

in bloom

Those of you who have been following my blog for some months now, know that summer is my favourite season, but spring definitely comes a close second!

I love the days lenghtening… the joyfully chirping birds, the flowers peeping out of the grounds and the trees blossoming… here and there you can hear the sound of a lawnmower and I can even get cheerful from cleaning my windows (although I must be in an extremely good mood now I come to think of it…)!!

Spring comes with new energy, new resolutions, new plans… people are in a better mood, they start wearing colourful clothes again, toes are freed out of the winter boots and it is so much fun to wake up with some rays of sun peeping through the curtains.

I enjoy a walk during my lunchbreak and I love browsing the new fashion magazines to find out what’s hot or not the coming season…

Springtime traditionally comes with some parties of course… and boy do I like a good party!! Easter, birthday parties, a sports event at work (with BBQ of course), a wedding,… nearly every weekend we’ve got something planned… so bring on springtime and let’s party!

Love, Kathleen

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