Beauty : L’Oréal Paris – Revitalift laser peeling lotion


A couple of weeks ago I told you about two L’Oréal products I’m using : the Revitalift filler serum and daycream. Today I will write a review about the Revitalift laser peeling lotion.

L’Oréal Revitalift laser peeling lotion is a peeling lotion to use at night and it promises to :

  • even out wrinkles to give you a visibly smoother skin
  • clarify pigment spots to make your skin look more radiant
  • renew the epidermis

Besides some other ingredients which are listed on the packaging, L’Oréal gives more information on 2 specific ingredients :

  • Glycolic acid : an important component of dermatological peelings
  • A-hydroxy : an active ingredient against pigment spots which also renews the epidermis.

Now what do I think about this product?

I must say that it wasn’t very clear to me whether you still had to use a night cream after applying the lotion. After a bit of research I found that apparantly it is a complete night treatment so you don’t have to use anything else. I do use an eyecream in addition to this lotion though. And when I’m cleansing my face early in the evening, I sometimes use another cream on top of this lotion just before going to bed.

It says to put a bit of product on a cotton pad and apply it on a clean face, but actually I put the lotion on my fingers and then I apply it on my face. I rub the remaining product on the backs of my hands as these are also very vulnerable to pigment spots 🙂  (I don’t waste anything now do I!).

I was anxious to see what the lotion would do with the two large pigment spots I’ve got in my neck… these became really visible during the last couple of years. The spots are in my neck where I used to spray my perfume. I guess that spraying perfume for so many years, on a place which is often exposed to the sun, gave me those pigment spots…

Well… I am glad to say that after using the lotion for only a couple of days (not even a week I swear!!), I noticed that the pigment spots in my neck where definitely less visible…

They’re still there, but they are much less prominent than before. The result was quite spectacular I must say. The spots probably won’t disappear completely, but they are so much lighter than before. Perhaps they will be a bit darker again in summer, but I’ve learned my lesson now and I will no longer spray perfume on skin that is exposed to the sun…

Once I noticed that the lotion reduced the pigment spots in my neck, I started using the lotion on my cleavage as well. I don’t have pigment spots on my cleavage yet, but that is also a place where women tend to get pigment spots when they get older. So I apply quite some product each evening as I now apply it to my face, neck and cleavage. But a bottle contains 125 ml so it will definitely last for several months.

I have been using the lotion for about 6 weeks now and besides reducing my pigment spots, the lotion also makes my skin very smooth. My pores are smaller and my skin is really evened out!! I really think my wrinkles are less visible.

I started using this lotion a couple of weeks after I started using the Revitalift Filler serum and daycream (of which you can read the review here) so I honestly do not know whether the reduced wrinkles are a result from the serum/daycream from Revitalift Filler or from this Revitalift Laser peeling lotion. It’s probably a combination of both treatments but you don’t here me complain 🙂

At 20 EUR this is one of the more expensive products from L’Oréal, but it is definitely worth every single cent especially since the bottle contains 125ml of product. I can really recommend this lotion and I will truly and definitely buy it again as it actually does what is promised… so 10 out of 10 for L’Oréal for coming up with such a good product!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a review about a product I use to cleanse my face.


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