Beauty ‘n Fashion : Mylène – Body milk


Today a review on a Mylène classic… the collagène ‘body milk’…

Mylène  products can only be bought during home parties but that’s no problem for me as every couple of months, we come together with a couple of friends. In the comfort of our own home, we can test and buy the Mylène products we want.

This body milk is very soft for the skin. It’s enriched with collagen which is said to keep your skin elastic and supple. It is even recommended for pregnant women as it’s said to prevent stretch marks. This milk gets quickly absorbed by the skin.

The best part of this body milk is its smell… it’s timeless, it’s soft and it keeps all day which is perfect on days when you don’t want to use perfume.

The product comes in a beautiful glass bottle. As the body milk is quite runny , it comes out of the bottle easily. It is however possible to buy a pump which can be put on the bottle. That way you can get the perfect dose of product and it’s more hygienic to use.

What things do you like to buy at homeparties? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read about the Rituals body lotion I like to use!


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