Beauty ‘n Fashion : De Tuinen – peeling


As you may well know, I weekly do a facial at home to pamper my face. I guess by taking care of my skin, the ageing process will be postponed just that little bit (or so I’d like to think!).

Now lately I have bought two new products whilst on our weekend break in Holland. I bought a peeling and mask from the ‘vitamins’ range from the Dutch brand ‘De Tuinen‘. In today’s post I will review the peeling and next week – guess what – you can read all about the mask! 

More about the product and how to use it

This peeling (or gommage) is from the ‘vitamins’ range from De Tuinen. This is a range of products which are enriched with several vitamins : A, B5 and E.

Now what are those vitamins doing for your skin?

  • vitamin A : This vitamin slows down the ageing proces by creating elastic and collagenous tissues. There is a quicker cell renewal in the epidermis and it reduces the chance of infections.
  • vitamin B5 : This vitamin wil strenghten the skin cells and stimulates cell renewal.
  • vitamin E : This vitamin activates the blood circulation, strenghtens the skin tissue en takes care of a better oxygen consumption of the skin.

The peeling can be used on both face and body. So far I have only used it on my face and cleavage. After scrubbing the skin, you can rinse the peeling off with lukewarm water.

On the left you see the peeling, on the right the mask.


  • The price! (only 8,99 EUR for a tube of 75 ml)
  • This peeling is very rich for the skin, my skin feels very soft after my peeling session!
  • It doesn’t contain preservatives.
  • This product is perfect for the slightly dryer skin.


  • Personally I am not a fan of the smell, but I can get over it as it is otherwise a very good product to use!


I can honestly recommend this peeling. It is a very good product at a very competitive price!

Which peeling can you recommend? Do you know this brand ‘De Tuinen’?

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read all about my at home facial!


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