Beauty ‘n Fashion: One year of good, fab and lovely posts – Outfit of the week


One thing I really wanted to include in my blog was fashion. I looooove fashion! And every week I show you one of my outfits. Sometimes I’m showing brand-new stuff, sometimes my clothes are years and years old… I don’t care… if I still like it, I still wear it 🙂

Some outfit posts don’t do very well even though I’m really chuffed with the result… like this post about my seventies dress… I love this outfit so much and the photos turned out to be ab fab. So I definitely want to put it into the picture again. Click the link and be dazzled by this fantastic outfit!!

Another outfit post that didn’t do well, was this one about my fab red cocktail dress. I like to wear it at parties and I think the red really suits me. Click here to see this beautiful dress once more!

A third outfit that didn’t attract many viewers, was the one with my black midi skirt. I must say that it definitely is one of my favourite outfits from last summer! I really wore this a lot… curious? Click here!

Now over to the outfits that did do well. Below you see the three outfits that scored best!

Bronze : white jegging

Ha! My white jegging… which I bought at Primark 😀 What a bargain that was… Unfortunately I can’t wear the jegging at the moment… I should lose a couple of kilos first! But seeing these photos again I promised myself that in a couple of weeks time I’ll be wearing them again 🙂


Silver : navy striped skirt

2015-08-15 ootw1

This navy striped midi skirt is top… I wore it mostly with my silver sneakers also seen in this post. Still love the skirt and I will still wear it this summer! I also like the photos. I think I look totally relaxed in them!

Gold : lace skirt   DSC_1233

This black lace pencil skirt scored the most views! It’s one of my favourite skirts in winter and most of the time I wear it with a black turtleneck. I also love the faux fur I am wearing in this shoot 🙂

What my outfits is concerned I am always so glad that I can count on my husband, my kids or occasionaly my good friend Katrien to take photographs. Thank you so much guys! I owe you x

What was your favourite outfit of the lot? Is there something you really liked, is there an outfit you would never ever wear that way? Tell me!

Love, Kathleen


2 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: One year of good, fab and lovely posts – Outfit of the week

  1. I like the 70s dress and the striped skirt looks fab on you! The red dress is stunning, by the way. I love the fact that you have the guts to show your outfits on your blog and I love to read about them.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 They are always my own clothes I am showing… I never thought I would find something for each week of the year 😀 I love doing this fashion item every week to be honest. Enjoy your Saturday evening and ’till next time… Love, Kathleen x

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