Trips ‘n travels: France: Port Grimaud


A couple of months ago I told you about a daytrip to Saint-Tropez. In the morning and the early afternoon we strolled around this beautiful harbour town, but then we took the ferry to Port Grimaud.

We boarded on one of the ferries from Les Bateaux Verts.  We thoroughly enjoyed the ferry trip from Saint-Tropez to Port Grimaud for two reasons… one, the Saint-Tropez bay is so beautiful and being able to see it from the sea is certainly a bonus! Two… it was a scorching hot day… sitting on the deck of the ferry was very refreshing. But make sure to protect your skin with an SPF as the sun is relentless when sitting on a boat!!

First we made a stop at Marines les Cogolins which you can also visit, but our destination was Port Grimaud, a harbour town about 7 kilometres west from Saint-Tropez.


This little seatown was created in the 1960s. The marshland was altered into little canals and pastel-coloured fishermans houses were built around these canals. It is so lovely to walk besides those canals, crossing a bridge here and there. The houses have a private quayside where the inhabitants can “park” their boat.



If you happen to be in the neighourhood of Port Grimaud, I would definitely recommend a visit. There are heaps of little shops, art galleries, restaurants and cafes so you won’t be bored!

In the late afternoon we took the ferry back to bustling Saint-Tropez where we enjoyed the rest of our day.

Make sure to scroll down all the way as there are lots of beautiful photographs… Have you ever visited Port Grimaud? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

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2 thoughts on “Trips ‘n travels: France: Port Grimaud

    1. Ja Saint-Tropez is mooi en in deze post zie je veel foto’s van het nabij gelegen Port Grimaud wat echt heel gezellig was met alle brugjes en kanalen. Top! Groetjes, Kathleen x

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