Trips ‘n Travels: France: Saint-Tropez – Harbour


On a scorching hot August day some years ago my family and I visited Saint-Tropez… let me take you back and show you the glitter and glamour of this bustling little harbour town at the Côte d’Azur!  I had planned this day in advance, looking up things as I do… so I found out that when arriving at Saint-Tropez by car, it is hell to find a parking space. You end up driving around this extremely busy harbour town and eventually you have to leave your car miles and miles from the actual town… having to walk those miles and miles towards the town and of course in the evening vice versa…

As we didn’t want any of this hassle, I had a brilliant idea even if I do say so myself… we drove into Sainte-Maxime at the opposite side of the bay, parked our car at the car park near the harbour and took the ferry towards Saint-Tropez. That way, the first glimpse we would have from Saint-Tropez would be from the harbour, but seen from the sea…

We arrived in Sainte-Maxime before 9am and after a morning coffee, we headed towards the Bateaux Verts where we bought a ticket which would not only take us to Saint-Tropez, but would enable us to visit Port Grimaud as well (but more about that in a later post). We took an early ferry as we wanted to make the most of our day, arriving in Saint-Tropez at about 10am.

Peak hour in the Saint-Tropez bay 🙂

We started our visit in this luxurious resort with a stroll down the harbour… believe me… it is definitely worth taking some time for this! The yachts you get to see are just jaw-dropping and make you dream of another world… Of course (as in Monaco) we did the ‘which one would you pick’-game…

The harbour is such a delight to see and not only because of those luxurious toys of the rich and famous… the location is absolutely fabulous with all these houses surrounding it. They have the loveliest colours which are even more beautiful in the warm sunlight.

We strolled a bit through the cosy streets of St-Tropez and had lunch in one of the many little lunchrooms the town counts. It was extremely busy in Saint-Tropez I must say, but you just go with the flow I guess! There are many art galleries and little shops and coffee houses. It is a typical tourist resort, but with the narrow winding streets, it’s really nice to have a walk.

In the afternoon we spent a couple of hours in Port Grimaud, a lovely little village near Saint-Tropez. But in the early evening we returned to Saint-Tropez to have our diner and to take one final walk down the harbour. As the sun was starting to set, the colours were so astonishingly beautiful as you will see on the photos which I include in this post… there are a looooot of photos… take your time to scroll all the way down and… enjoy!!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read about our trip to Monaco… another place with lots and lots of yachts!
























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