Let’s collab: Fotofabriek birthday calendar


I like taking photographs. Wherever I go, I take my camera and even on an ordinary daytrip I come home with at least 100 photographs. But what to do with them?! Well… I am quite disciplined concerning my photographs. I put them on my computer in nicely ordered files and I always make a quick selection of which ones are worth saving and which photographs can be binned.

Then I usually edit my photographs in Picasa. It is such an easy tool to use! I don’t edit very much. I just make the colours a bit stronger, put my photographs straight (I tend to tilt my camera when taking photographs… ) and sometimes I crop them a bit.


When coming back from a holiday, I always make a photo album with my best photographs. I like looking in my albums as it takes me back to those good days… I also like making gifts and calendars with my photographs. People really like getting a personal gift and they appreciate the fact that you’ve put some effort in their gift.

So when Fotofabriek approached me for making a birthday calendar I was extremely happy with their offer! I immediately decided to make a calendar with my most beautiful holiday photographs.


To start I had to download the free software from Fotofabriek. The software is very easy to use. There are different types of calendars. But you can make heaps of other stuff with your favourite photographs : diaries, different kinds of cards, smartphone covers, writing pads,… Just check their site to see all the possibilities!

Once I decided which birthday calendar I wanted to make, I uploaded my favourite holiday photographs and started making the calender. I kept it quite clean and simple, but if you want to, you can add different filters, add text,…


Just a couple of days after I ordered the calendar I already received it… It was so nice to see the finished result! The quality of the paper is very good, the colours of my photographs are just great and I really like the lay-out.


I’ve put the calendar in our kitchen so whenever we pass it, we can just dream away a little to fun times…

If you want to make your very own birthday calendar, canvas print, smartphone cover,… just download the Fotofabriek software and have fun 🙂

Love, Kathleen

*this is a sponsored post

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