Talks from the heart… Voltaire

“I’ve decided to be happy, because it’s good for my health.” – Voltaire


This time last year I wasn’t feeling my usual self… I was having a burn-out and I felt miserable and unhappy,. I felt as if a heavy load rested on my heart and shoulders and all the energy was sucked out of my body.

Healing took time and I can honestely say that it took me an entire year to get completely over that burn-out. I am glad to say that I am now happy again… and boy that feels so much better!

This time last year I was still in doubt… because would it be at all possible to get over my burn-out completely? Would it be possible to feel free again, full of energy… to feel happy and myself again?

Fortunately I’m someone who doesn’t throw in the towel… I knew it would take time and that’s what I gave myself… time… time to find my original self again.

And I did it. I searched happiness in small things, I got energy out of tiny actions and one day at a time, I felt that I was healing.

I can say that these days I feel good… very good… even better than ‘before’ I daresay!  Because what was my weakness has now become my strength. I know now how ‘it’ feels and what ‘it’ does to you.

And where I first thought that ‘it’ would always be there, that ‘it’ would always be lurking around the corner, I’ve decided to turn that into an advantage. I know the signs now and I will not fall into that trap again. I’m armoured against it!

I’ve decided to be happy and I feel just ab fab with that!

Love, Kathleen

Last year I opened up about my burn-out in this post… 

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