Beauty ‘n Fashion: L’Oréal Paris – Sublime Bronze


I used to go to the solarium during the summer months but as of last year I stopped going because of the damage it does to my skin as well as it gives you a higher risk on skin cancer. But as my skin is quite fair, I need to seek solace in self-tanning products to get a bit of colour. Last year I was quite a fan of the Clarins Radiance Golden Glow Booster (you can read the review here). I have bought these drops again. But when the bottle was empty a couple of weeks ago, I was tempted to buy something less expensive, so I bought this ‘Sublime Bronze’ from L’Oréal Paris.

I am always a bit anxious to use self-tanning products as I don’t want to end up like a giant orange so…

Here are some tips on how to use a self-tanning lotion :

  • When using a self-tanning product, I mix it with an equal amount of moisturizer… Why??
    • to minimize the effect of patches
    • to disguise that horrible self-tanning smell
  • I scrub my body once a week to make sure that I can spread that self-tanning lotion as even as possible.
  • Wash your hands carefully after using the lotion. Don’t forget your cuticles!


Pros of the Sublime Bronze

  • The product is light in consistency.
  • The Sublime Bronze comes in a handy bottle with pump which makes it very easy to use.
  • The Sublime Bronze gives a natural colour.
  • It hydrates my skin.

Cons of the Sublime Bronze

  • The smell… L’Oréal really tried to disguise that horrible self-tanning smell so when you just smell the bottle, it’s kind of ok… but once you’ve put it on your body… there it is… To disguise the smell, you could mix the Sublime Bronze with some body lotion.
  • No matter how careful I smear… I regularly have patches near my ankles and knees… 😦


This is a good product for a good price. I must say that the Clarins drops are just that bit better, but is it worth paying that much more? I don’t know… All I know is that I will keep searching for the ultimate self-tanning product and that I’m always open to suggestions!

Love, Kathleen

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4 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: L’Oréal Paris – Sublime Bronze

  1. Ik wou voor het huwelijk van mijn broer deze zaterdag ook graag eens zelfbruiner proberen. Maar ik ben zo bang dat het misgaat dat ik het toch maar zo laat. Gelukkig is het mooi weer, dus ik hoop op een natuurlijke manier toch wat bruin te worden nog! 😁

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    1. Goh, als je niet gewoon bent om zo een lotion te gebruiken, zou ik dat zeker niet doen voor zo een belangrijke gebeurtenis! Je weet maar nooit… Alvast veel plezier op het huwelijk!!! Ik zie wel foto’kes passeren hier of daar 🙂 Groetjes, Kathleen x

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