Beauty ‘n Fashion: Denim jacket


If there is one item that is perfect for everyone… male, female, young, not so young, slim or not so slim,… it must be a denim jacket! I have owned a denim jacket for as long as I can remember and I just couldn’t do without one I must admit 🙂  I bought my denim jacket a couple of summers ago and it actually only cost me 20 EUR… It ended up being one of my best budget buys as I wear it all year long.

In summer I wear it as a jacket, in winter as part of my outfit. The jacket is made of a stretchy denim, which makes it very comfortable to wear. It’s a short jacket so it combines well with a skirt or a dress.


For today’s post I decided to wear it with this retro halter dress I’ve got. You may remember this dress from last summer (see here). I love the cut from the dress which is perfect for my body-type.

The fabric of the dress is really light and airy so I’m normally wearing a little vest or jacket with it. The denim jacket is just perfect with this dress. I love how the colours combine so well.

The shoes I’m wearing are from Gabor. In summer I cannot do without a pair of Gabor wedge sandals… They’re so comfortable and I walk miles in them! These sandals are in a beige/golden colour which can be combined with a lot of my summer clothes.

My golden tote I bought at H&M a couple of summers ago. It’s my favourite summer handbag as it’s so large. It’s perfect to take with me on a daytrip as I can pack a lot in it.

Do you have a denim jacket? Let me know how you style it!

Love, Kathleen

Here you see another outfit with this denim jacket!







Photography : Elizabeth Kluskens

9 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Denim jacket

    1. Ja en die was maar 20 EUR… ik vind de kleur goed, de lengte is perfect en het heeft voldoende stretch om gemakkelijk te zitten, maar niet té veel stretch zodat het er niet zakkerig gaat uitzien… ben er mega-blij mee! Groetjes en nog een fijne zaterdag! Kathleen x

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