Talks from the heart… What’s done in love…

“What’s done in love, is done well” – Vincent Van Gogh


Vincent Van Gogh lived to paint… he loved to paint… and he painted so well…

Because when you do something you love, you will put more effort in it, you’ll want to perfect it, you’ll want to learn more about it and you’ll want to do it even better.

You can reflect this quote on so many different things… For Van Gogh it was his painting… for Jane Austen it was writing, for Elliott Erwitt it was photography, for Michael Phelps it’s swimming,… and I can go on and on… They excelled in it because they loved doing it… it was their passion…

But we aren’t all Van Gogh, Austen, Erwitt or Phelps. For you and me, it might be something small or something which seems unimportant. But when you look closely on the things you love doing, you’ll notice that, although it might be a lot of hard work,  it won’t be a burden. You might put in a lot of effort to actually do it, but it won’t feel like it. You get so much pleasure out of it so it gives you energy to even take it a step further…

Whether it is making that ab fab homemade lasagne your family loves so much or making a lovely photo album with your travel photos… whether it is writing a post for your blog or planning your next trip… Well, those are just a few things that I love doing! But what is it for you? What do you love doing? I bet you’re good at it!

Think just a minute about it and I’m sure you can name a couple of things you love doing… and I’m sure that when you think about those things, it doesn’t take much to put a smile on your face!

Love, Kathleen

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