Travel recap n°4


This tips’n trips recap has links to blogposts about my own country Belgium, but also about France, the Netherlands and England as well as one collab post and one celebration post… let me take you back to the past 15 tips ‘n trips posts!



  • Brussels: Harry Potter Expo : this expo can still be visited until September 11th. If you’re a true Harry Potter fan, this Expo should be on your to do list!



  • Saint-Tropez harbour : for those who are lucky enough to still have some time off this summer… why don’t you take a trip to the Côte d’Azur to soak up some more sun before fall sets in?! Read my post about Saint-Tropez…






  • I did two posts about our daytrip to Hampton Court: one of the palace itself…


  • …and one about those stunning gardens!


The Netherlands

In May we had a shortbreak in the Netherlands so there were some posts about our trip to our nearest and dearest neighbouring country!

  • There was one about Zeist, the little town we stayed in.


  • A second post was about Palace Soestdijk which we visited on the first day of our shortbreak.



  • Another post about Utrecht showed you the highlights during day and night.


  • When in Utrecht we also visited the Botanic Gardens of which I did this post.


  • And there was also a post about Gouda, the capital of cheese, which we visited on our last day.


And to end this fourth recap, two slightly different tips ‘n trips posts…

  • There was this one about my collaboration with Duifhuizen Tassen en Koffers, in which I told you a thing or two about those two fab suitcases I got to chose and in which I also gave some packing tips.


  • And then there was this celebration post… where I celebrated one year of good, fab and lovely tips ‘n trips posts… In this post you could read about the least and most read tips ‘n trips posts that had appeared on my blog during my first year of blogging!

And that, my dear followers, sums it up… my fourth recap… on to number 5 I’d say!

Love, Kathleen

Here you have the links to my other recaps : recap n°1recap n°2recap n°3.

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