Beauty ‘n Fashion: Lush – Yes yes yes massage bar


I had heard about ‘Lush’ so many times so when I was in Ghent lately and accidentally passed a Lush shop, I couldn’t resist having a peak inside to see what the fuss is all about.

I asked the shop assistant for some information about their body lotions. She told me about their body lotions, but also about these massage bars… I decided to buy a massage bar instead of an ordinary body lotion, just for the fun of it I must admit!

The massage bar really looks like a large soap bar. You warm the bar in your hands and then it releases this lovely smelling oil with which you can massage your body.

There are different kinds of smells. I bought the yes yes yes bar because I immediately loved the smell. The bar is made mostly of natural ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, almond oil,… and has a lovely, delicate jasmine scent.


Here you get to read my pros and cons…


  • lovely smell
  • my skin is really hydrated and that effect lasts for hours
  • you can use the bar by yourself, but why don’t you grab your partner by the hand and let him/her do the (hard) work while you relax and enjoy 🙂
  • doesn’t leave greasy stains
  • nearly completely made out of natural ingredients
  • not tested on animals


  • doesn’t last very long
  • difficult to store away… it came with a paper bag in which I store it, but apparently you can buy a tin which helps to preserve the bar.

This massage bar is a fun beauty gadget which I will probably buy again when I come across a Lush store!

Love, Kathleen

Here’s a review of a lovely smelling Rituals body lotion!


3 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Lush – Yes yes yes massage bar

    1. I prefer lotion over this massage bar, but I think it’s such a fun thing to use 🙂 And it makes my bathroom cabinet smell really nice too… now that’s a bonus 😀 Have a lovely evening and thanks for reading! Kathleen x


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