Talks from the heart… Lady Gaga

At the end of the day you want to be happy until you love yourself – Lady Gaga


If you want to be happy, you’d better start with taking a good long look at yourself… what do you see… how do you feel… do you love yourself???

I know that sometimes it is difficult to love yourself. You are unhappy, embarrased… you’re feeling guilty, ugly, fat… you’re feeling left out and abandoned… stupid, scared and alone… But did you know that most of the times it’s just in your head? It’s just between the ears?? You’re just being far to hard on yourself…

You’ve just got to believe that you can do something about those feelings. Start loving yourself just that little bit… give yourself a compliment, give yourself a pat on the back and give yourself a smile in the mirror. Do an effort to look the best you can… straighten your back and treat yourself to something nice.

If you take care of yourself, the rest will follow automatically. You’ll shine just that bit harder, it will be just that bit easier to tackle your problems, your worries and your fears.

So you better make sure you love yourself, as that’s where your happiness starts!

Love, Kathleen

This picture was taken in the gardens of Hampton Court Palace, of which you can read a post here!

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