Beauty ‘n Fashion: Printed dress


At the end of the sales I like to browse in stores to found one more bargain… and I succeeded once again…  I found this very cute printed dress at JBC but sadly it wasn’t in my size… size 40 was too large… size 36 too small… and no size 38 to be seen…

As I had set my mind on this dress, I asked the shop assistant whether she could help me find a 38 and how lucky was I… they had just received some stock and what was in it… a 38 😀

The dress fitted perfectly and as it was only 15 EUR I didn’t hesitate for a minute!! The fabric is really comfortable as it is quite stretchy. It is rather short, but I think it’s still ok. I don’t like to show off my legs, but on a hot day I mind just that little less!

And this dress will also do next fall. I can wear it with a pantyhose, booties and a cardigan and hey presto… my first fall outfit is a fact 🙂

But I’m not thinking of fall in today’s outfit… oh no…  I love the combination with my electric blue sandals and clutch, don’t you?! A few well chosen accessories, my fab Armani sunglasses and… where’s the party?!

Love, Kathleen

Here’s another outfit with those same sandals and clutch!










Photography : Elizabeth Kluskens

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