Trips ‘n Travels: Germany: Eifel region – A walking tour

The start of our walking tour.

At the end of August we went to Germany for 5 days. Last week in the tips ‘n trips post, you could see lots of pictures of beautiful Monschau in the Eifel region. In today’s post I will tell you a bit more about a walking tour we did. On the second day of our holiday, we decided to do a walking tour of about 10 km. It was a hot and sunny day so we were glad that a lot of the time we were walking under high trees who provided a lot of shade.


Our tour started in Wildenburg. We walked all the way up to Reifferscheid. The longer we walked and the harder we sweat, the more we fantasised about an enormous icecream we would eat in Reifferscheid…  Unfortunately everything was closed in the little town so we had to settle with the water and apple we brought with us 😦

The entrance gate in Reifferscheid.


Oh well… after a short stop we continued our tour, setting our hopes to a lovely outdoor terrace we had seen at the beginning of our tour… so we definitely would have an icecream overthere!

With this in mind we continued our way back to Wildenburg. We walked past beautiful pastures, under enormous pine trees and through lovely little villages. Walking in the Eiffel region definitely is a very nice pastime. The routes are clearly indicated and the scenery is ever so nice!



After a last difficult climb we arrived in Wildenburg only to see that the outdoor terrace where we would eat an icecreamwas closed!!! We were so disappointed… Fortunately we only had a 5 minute drive to our cottage so we could have a well-deserved drink in our cottage… but no icecream… and we had all well and truly deserved one!!

But hey… we did have a fabulous walking tour and we really enjoyed the beautiful nature of this Eiffel region.

Do scroll all the way down to see the many beautiful pictures I took that afternoon…

Love, Kathleen

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Oh how we hoped we could’ve eaten an icecream overhere…

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  1. Germany is a beautiful country, too bad a lot of people think there’s nothing to see there or would never consider it as a holiday destination. Well, that leaves more room for us :-).

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