Talks from the heart… Togetherness

‘I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life’ – Barbara Bush


As much as I enjoy spending some time alone, I enjoy spending some good old quality time with my family.

As our kids are growing up and becoming more and more independent each and every day, I think it’s ever so important to stand still and enjoy a bit of family time now and then.

I like spending time together… having diner together, playing a board game, having a family brunch or barbecue,… And perhaps my kids won’t admit it, but I just know that they enjoy these gatherings!

I’ve got quite a busy life, so sometimes I feel like all energy has been sucked out of my body and soul. I need these family moments to spruce up my energy-level… and everytime I get so much satisfaction out of them and it’s this togetherness that helps me carry on.

How do you spend time with your family? Do you get a lot of energy out of it?

Love, Kathleen

This picture was taken on a family day out to England. Read the post here!


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