Beauty ‘n Fashion: The classic white men’s shirt


My outfits are often built around a basic clothing item… and today’s basic is the classic white men’s shirt! I will tell you from the start… this white shirt only cost me 5 EUR I swear… I really can find fabulous bargains I know!

I got the shirt a couple of years ago at a store which was selling out and as this is such a classic, I just had to have it! And the good thing was that it also came in light blue… so 10 euros later I had two classic shirts 🙂

The shirt is really fitted. The fabric is quite thick so it dresses beautifully and there is an added bonus to it… it irons so easily!!! I used to have this really beautiful white shirt, but it was always such a drag ironing it… I hardly wore it just because the ironing took me ages. But not so with this shirt… thankfully!

Today I’m combining my shirt with my bleached denim trousers from E5. These trousers were my favourite from last summer but I think I can still wear them at the beginning of fall, don’t you agree?

The soft pink blazer is from H&M. I actually like H&M blazers as they really fit well. My peeptoe ankle booties will still do at the beginning of October… anything to make that summer feeling last just that bit longer thank you very much 🙂

So what do you think of today’s outfit? Yay or nay? Tell me in the comments 🙂

Love, Kathleen

Here you see another outfit built around basics!








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