Beauty ‘n Fashion: Catrice – Eye’Matic eyepowder pen


On some mornings I want to do a fuss-free make-up so I was searching for an eyeshadow pencil…

I didn’t want one of those crayons as they are too greasy and they make my eyes itchy. So when I stumbled upon these eyepowder pens from Catrice I wanted  to give them a try as it really is eyeshadow that is pressed in the cap of the pen.

There are several colours in this range. I bought two colours: 050 (al cappuccino) and 060 (lavender mcqueen).

top : Lavender McQueen  – bottom is Al Cappuccino

How to use

The eyepowder pen has a sponge on which you can put some eyeshadow by twisting the sponge into the cap of the pen. You could blend the eyeshadow with the tip of your fingers or with a brush if you want to, but I usually just use the sponge from the pen.


  • comes in several colours
  • lasts at least 6-8 hours
  • doesn’t sit in any creases or wrinkles
  • quick and easy way to put some eyeshadow on
  • perfect to put in your handbag
  • great price (only 3,99 EUR per eyepowder pen)


  • you can’t work very precise so if that’s what you want then give these eyepowder pens a miss!


These eyepowder pens are a quick and easy way to put some colour on your eyelids. I will buy them again just because they are so handy!

Here you can read about my Catrice eyeshadow palettes!

Love, Kathleen


2 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Catrice – Eye’Matic eyepowder pen

    1. I was actually surprised by the quality of these pens… especially at that price. OK… not as precise as my usual eyeshadow, put I’ve found myself using them more and more… just out of laziness I guess 😀 Love, Kathleen x


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