Talks from the heart… Silence

“Silence isn’t empty… it’s full of answers” – unknown

Sometimes there is simply too much noise in my life… and then I long for the emptiness of silence. No talking, no arguing, no music, no laughing… just pure and utter silence…

I really cherish those silent moments and I sincerely believe that you simply must have heaps of noise in your life to really appreciate the emptiness of silence. During silent moments you really get the chance to listen to your heart, search for answers within… meditate, let your mind drift away.

It’s during those moments of me-time that we can find solutions to our problems. We can really think about our life and the changes we go through. It helps us make decisions and it can strenghten us.

We can find emptiness on lots of moments and on lots of locations… In summer, I like to seek the silence of nature. I just long for those moments I can sit on my outdoor terrace and just soak up the sun, listen to the sounds of mother nature… the chirping birds, the wind that rustles in the trees, a dog barking in the distance,…

On busy workdays, I sometimes seek refuge in an empty office to concentrate on my work. And after a  hectic week, I look forward to the calm and quite of my bathroom (OK, I admit… usually I’ve got some jazz in the background… but that’s as nearly as healing as complete silence in my opinion).

We should all embrace those silent moments, because it’s in these golden moments that we come to life again, it’s during those moments of utter silence that we can recharge our batteries.

Do you enjoy silence? And do you sometimes find answers in the silence? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

PS: this picture was taken in Friesland, in the north of Holland where we enjoyed the silence of nature…


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