Beauty ‘n Fashion: Dark blue and fake fur


Winter temperatures are well and truly dominating these days so there’s nothing like a beautiful, warm winter coat, don’t you think? In today’s outfitposts I will tell you a bit more about one of my winter coats… I bought this coat a couple of winters ago at Esprit, but last year I didn’t wear it at all, but this year I have been wearing it on and off again these last couple of weeks.

What I particularly like about this coat is the fake fur collar. It makes it look really chic don’t you think? It’s also soft and warm to wear, so the bonuses of this collar keep piling up 🙂 The fabric is really nice. It is actually a dark blue and black herringbone structure.

Today I’m wearing my coat with the lovely teal dress I bought at a closet sale recently. To keep my hands nice and warm, I have bought these soft grey gloves.

I wore this outfit during a walk in Mechelen, a city in Flanders of which you can read more in one of my next travelposts!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can see one of my other winter coats!










Photography: Peter Kluskens

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