Beauty ‘n Fashion: Catrice – HD Liquid Coverage


In today’s beautypost I will tell you a bit more about the Catrice HD Liquid Coverage, the newest foundation of drugstore brand Catrice.

This foundation comes in 4 colours. I bought number 020 (rose beige) and I think this colour really suits my complexion.

Catrice promises a longlasting full coverage without a masking effect. The foundation should also give an even effect. Quite some promises for a foundation that cheap… time to find out what I think!

How to use this foundation

The bottle comes with a pipette which makes it easy to dose the liquid foundation. The first couple of days I applied the foundation with my hands, but I find it easier to use a brush. It gives a smoother effect as well. Just put a couple of drops on the brush and build up if more foundation is needed. Oh yes… do shake the bottle before use!

In this make-up look you can see me wear this Catrice foundation… below you can read what I think about it!



  • This foundation is really longlasting and gives good coverage!
  • Very fluid foundation which makes it easy to blend in.
  • The foundation mattifies.
  • The pipette makes the foundation easy to dose.
  • Very economical in use. A couple of drops are enough for my face.
  • I love the packaging. The bottle has got frosted glass which gives it a luxurious look.
  • The price… this is actually the cheapest foundation that I have ever bought… only 6,99 EUR full price… and in my local drugstore they often have Catrice promotions so at times this foundation will be even cheaper!


  • Perhaps it will be difficult to empty the bottle completely with the dropper… but I think the foundation is fluid enough to just shake the last bit out. I’ll see in a couple of weeks time!
  • The foundations felt a bit rough when I applied it with my hands, I couldn’t ‘glide’ the foundation over my face if you know what I mean. But I solved that problem by using a brush so actually I cannot count this as a ‘con’ for me… but I do think that people with dry skin won’t be very happy with this foundation.


This budget foundation is really great quality for its price! The first few times I used it, I was checking out my face constantly to see if it still looked alright… if the foundation wouldn’t suddenly disappear or leave strange patches on my face… but none of that whatsoever. People with dry skin might find this foundation perhaps a bit dry, but I am quite satisfied with it!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a review of another favourite foundation of mine!

7 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Catrice – HD Liquid Coverage

    1. That’s true! I have already tried several drugstore brands and this one stays my number one. I will however try a Bourjouis one soon (City Radiance) as I have read positive reviews about it. It contains an SPF 30 which is a big bonus!! Thanks for the read and the follow… much appreciated!! Love, Kathleen

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