Beauty : Red lipsticks


I like wearing a bold red lipstick… it is the perfect accessory in my opinion! Wearing red lipstick instantly boosts my make up ànd my spirit! At the moment I’ve got three red lipsticks that I regularly use. All three different shades of red.

Mylène lipstick n°48 (left)

This lipstick from the Belgian brand Mylène is an orangey red, which is more a summery red in my opinion. This lipstick is quite dry and doesn’t feel really comfortable on my lips. I normally keep my lipsticks in the fridge (especially in summer!) but this lipstick then gets too dry. The colour also fades quite fast, so I regularly have to apply an extra layer.

But I really love the colour. It is vibrant, summery and I have used this lipstick a lot during the past summer. I actually have a blouse in the exact same colour as you can see on the photo below!

So all in all an ok buy because of the colour, but not too good concerning the consistency of the product…

On this photo I am wearing the Mylène lipstick ànd matching blouse 🙂

Dior lipstick Diorific n°13 (middle)

The second red lipstick I’ve got is one from Dior, from the Diorific line. The package is very chic and solid.

This lipstick is really lovely to use as it is rich and moisturizing. It is deeply pigmented so the colour is really vibrant and you actually only need to use one layer. The colour lasts really long and I absolutely love this shade. It is a red that can be worn throughout the year.

Definitely one of my favorite lipstick lines that I have used so far. I have bought several colours of the Diorific line just because they feel so comfortable on my lips.

Wearing my Dior lipstick in Paris…

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet n°38 (right)

This Chanel lipstick from the Rouge Allure Velvet is a matte lipstick. But although it is matte, it still feels moisturizing and comfortable on my lips. It actually feels like a comforting lip balm.

The shade I’ve got is ‘la fascinante’, which is a deep, berry-red colour. It is a bit of a fifties red in my opinion. I think the colour goes really well with my complexion. The lipstick lasts really long. It is the first time that I bought a lipstick of this Chanel line, but I am definitely a fan!

On a weekend break in Holland… with my fab red lipstick from Chanel!

So to conclude : from these red lipsticks the Chanel one is my favorite concerning the colour, but the Dior one feels best on my lips. The Mylène lipstick may be the cheapest, but you definitely feel that on your lips…

I can tell you now that a red lipstick will definitely be part of my Christmas make up! Make sure to come back next week as my party make-up routine will be on the blog… don’t miss that!

Love, Kathleen

Check out the outfit of that last photo! You can find it here…


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