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A couple of months ago I bought a magazine, just because it came with a Rainpharma face cream at an additional cost of 14,95 EUR… the cream is worth 74,95 EUR! As I am always on the look-out for a bargain there was no stopping me! I had seen ads from Rainpharma before, I had read articles about how good these products are, but as I had never stumbled upon this brand, I had never come around to buy it… up until that day that I saw a magazine with which you could buy the ‘faithful face guard’ at a very pleasant price!

The promises

Rainpharma promises a lot… a whole lot… here’s what I could read on their website…

(If you don’t want to read all this I don’t blame you… I will put some key-things in bold to make it easier and then you can scroll down directly to my review if you wish!).

“We selected precious active ingredients according to a carefully considered, natural formula, discarding every unnecessary or unhealthy ingredient. No bombastic marketing slogans or unscientific claims here, just our complete conviction that this formula will visibly improve your skin’s natural glow. The key ingredient in this silky-soft, non-sticky formula is a red algae extract, harvested in a completely natural way from renewable sources, that is fully biodegradable. The extract acts as a powerful natural shield, protecting your skin from oxidation damage (free radicals), inflammation, undesired bacteria, redness and sun damage. Fine lines are temporarily reduced, leaving your skin up to 20% smoother for instant glamour! To this base, we added several other precious ingredients. Tamanu oil repairs. Rose hip clarifies skin tone and smoothes fine lines and scars. Sea buckthorn is a blessing for skin damaged by acne, and for dry and easily irritated, mature skin types. Calendula is a basic product but has a powerful softening effect on skin. Green tea extracts, which give this formula its mustardy colour, reinforce skin after sun exposure, while comfrey is gently exfoliating and particularly calming. Butcher’s-broom is beneficial in the treatment of rosacea and helps drain and reduce excess fluid, for instance under the eyes. Camomile and aloe vera keep skin calm, and orange blossom is well known for its skin-friendly, anti-bacterial properties.

This functional, fragrant blend of essential oils is extraordinarily pleasant on the face, and the gentle scents of lavender, cedar, patchouli, salvia, sandalwood and lemon will delight your senses. This product is 100% plant-based and free from aggressive preservatives.”

Now do you understand why I desperately wanted to try this cream at only 14,95 EUR instead of 74,95 EUR?!


How to use

This face cream is part of the a-b-c-d-e-f programme of Rainpharma to enjoy healthy, balanced skin:

a – advanced precleanser and amazing oil cleanser

b – balming face polish and brightening face scrub

c – comforting clay mask

d – dedicated face wash

e – elementary toning mist

f – faithful face guard, the cream you can read about today

I must admit that I am currently only using the last step of their programme… although that last step has made me craving for more..

This ‘faithful face guard’ acts as serum, daycream, nightcream and eyecream. I use this cream in the morning and at night. But I admit that I do use an additional eyecream and in the mornings I am using a serum as well as I want to empty the serum I had just bought. When I finish my serum, I think I will try to use this cream on its own and see if it’s enough for my skin.


  • as water is not one of the key ingredients, you can use the product very sparingly
  • hypoallergenic
  • no agressive preservatives
  • all ingredients are of natural origin and plant-based
  • leaves my skin hydrated
  • after use, my skin feels firm
  • as it is a multifunctional product it saves so much space in your bathroom cabinet… it’s also very handy when you go on a holiday as you only have to take one tube
  • minimizes my pores
  • I had a littly dry spot on my forehead, which has disappeared since I use this cream.
  • quickly absorbed by the skin
  • not sticky or greasy
  • beautiful packaging
  • tube which you can really squeeze out until the last drop
  • can be used by all skintypes


  • I had to get used to the smell. It’s a herbal, somewhat medicinal smell, but after usting the cream for a couple of days, my nose had adjusted to it 🙂


I must admit that I was immediately sold on this product… Actually, after using it for a couple of days, I went to the newsagent to buy two more magazines, so that I had two extra tubes of ‘faithful face guard’ at a fraction of the normal price! I have now 3 tubes of 50 ml to use… and I wouldn’t be surprised that after I have finished all three, I will buy the next one at full price… I guess that says about enough, doesn’t it?!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a review about another cream.


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