Talks from the heart… 5 kinds of Valentines


You just can’t get around it… Valentine’s day is nearing at rapid speed now! Today I tell you about 5 kinds of Valentines… and I don’t forget the singles 😉

The Valentine on a budget

If you want to celebrate Valentine’s day with your loved one, but you’re a bit short of cash, there are still plenty of ways to spoil your one and only…

  • make a spotify playlist: if you have a spotify account (and you can get one FOR FREE), you can make a playlist of all your favourite songs: the song on which you had your first dance and your first kiss, the songs which take you back to that lovely holiday you had together, the song on which you kissed and made up after that first fight,… You can find Spotify here.
  • make his favourite biscuits, cupcakes, muffins,… : let yourself run wild in the kitchen!
  • make a scrapbook of your favourite memories: you can do that the old-school way of course and buy a notebook in which you stick some lovely pictures, receipts, cinema tickets,… But you can also make an online scrapbook (even for free!). Just google ‘online scrapbook’ and get going!

The foodie Valentine


If you both like food, well then it’s easy peasy…

  • go out for brunch/lunch/diner
  • have a high tea (here you can read where to go!) or a high wine
  • organise a diner yourself and use some aphrodisiac ingredients like oysters, chili peppers, avocado, chocolate, honey, pinenuts, figs, strawberries,… bon appétit!
  • buy some fabulous chocolates (in this post I tell you were to buy the best chocolates in Antwerp!)

The Valentine who likes a bit of luxury


Who doesn’t like a bit of luxury now and then? Who doesn’t like to be spoiled and pampered? Well I’ve got good news for you… Valentine’s Day is just the day to do that!

  • jewellery: you know what is really and truly lovely… a charm bracelet… that way, your partner can buy you a charm every year to add to your bracelet 🙂 There are also these rings with one diamond, but then every year you can add one… If your partner has money to spend, why not give him some hints 😉 If you buy jewellery for your partner, you can go for some beautiful cufflinks, a nice watch, a pin to put on his lapel,… Here is a site where you can buy unique lapel pins… (and you can get a matching scarf for yourself too if you like 😀 !)
  • perfume: it’s always very nice to give or receive a bottle of perfume. For Valentine’s Day the fragrance can be a bit more sexy and sensuous like this one… or why not opt for one of the classics of which I wrote this post? If you want to buy your man a bottle of perfume, opt for a sultry fragrance? I personally like Désert from Fragonard (only available online and in France as you could read in this post). On the site it is said to embody natural virility… well… what are you waiting for 😀
  • lingerie: why not some sexy lingerie… you can even buy it for yourself as a gift for the man in your life! And if you want to buy your partner some underwear, opt for a brand like Calvin Klein, Bjorn Borg, Armani… he may not have the body as the guys in the adds, but hey… at least he’s YOUR guy!

The single Valentine15043586_566556313551907_5463529349216993280_n(1)

Being single on Valentine’s day, doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself now does it?! For those who are single on ‘the most romantic day of the year’ there are plenty of options…

  • find a kindred spirit and spend the day together: do an at home facial together, have diner, why not check out Tinder?!
  • do a movie marathon or some Netflix binge-watching (alone or with that kindred spirit… and here’s a list of must-sees on Netflix!)
  • dial for pizza and spend your evening online shopping (alone or why not with that kindred spirit?!)

The ‘don’t wanna do’ Valentine

There are always people who are just not interested in Valentine’s day and that is just fine by me. Just let the day go by as any other day by all means!

You don’t have to celebrate Valentine’s Day to show your love you know. You can do that on any other day of the year… perhaps on a special day (your wedding anniversary, your birthday, Christmas) or why not on an ordinary weekday… open a bottle of champagne, buy a bouquet or some chocolates, write an ILY note,… no matter what, but do celebrate love once in a while… it feeds the romance in your relationship 😉

I hope I gave you plenty of options to spend your Valentine’s Day… let me know which tip gave you some inspiration!

Love, Kathleen

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6 thoughts on “Talks from the heart… 5 kinds of Valentines

    1. We usually celebrate it together with our wedding anniversary which is March 5th! We go out to diner or we go away for a couple of days. Thanks for the read and have a lovely Tuesday 🙂 Love, Kathleen

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