Beauty ‘n Fashion: A wedding outfit


Today is my sister’s wedding day… HURRAY!!

In last week’s fashion post I gave you tips on how to shop for a special occasion. I was in search for the perfect outfit to wear to my sister’s wedding  and you could already see some possible dresses for this special day.

Which one did I finally end up with?! And what about my shoes and accessories? Read on I’d say 😀

1.The dress


The dress I had in mind was a wonderful red lace dress from Diane Von Furstenberg, but unfortunately it wasn’t availabe in the Belgian stores. I could order it online the shop assistant said, but with a dress  this expensive and for such a special occasion, I just didn’t feel comfortable to add it in a virtual shopping cart and wait for days to see it, feel it, try it on.

Mind, I did try other dresses at the DVF store, but none of them could convince me. And to be honest… that all had something to do with a fabulous black dress I had tried on earlier that day… a dress I felt immediately comfortable in… a dress that  was so me! I hadn’t bought it yet just then, as it had been the very first dress I tried on. And it was a bit different… would it be suitable for the wedding? But it had been stuck in my mind all day so that must mean something, mustn’t it?!?!


So when the dresses at DVF weren’t exactly what I had hoped for, it became clear to me. I went back to Maje, the boutique where I had tried on that fabulous black dress. I put it on once more and I was reassured… this would be my dress! I would wear this special, black, edgy, rock-chick beauty to my sister’s wedding!

2.The shoes


I had a specific kind of shoe in mind and to avoid going from one shop to another ending up with absolutely nothing but swollen feet, I wanted to try my luck on a webshop first.

Zalando is a well-known webshop which has a huge offer so as soon as I got my dress, I was on the look-out for the perfect shoes…

Using several filters (colour, shoe category, price, size, height of the heels) I narrowed down my possibilities and I ended up ordering two pairs of shoes. A couple of days later I could try them out. They were both very beautiful and comfortable, but one pair was too narrow for my wide feet and the other was too chunky to wear under the dress… so I returned them both.

As the offer on Zalando is renewed daily, there were already other shoes that qualified. There was this particular pair from Trussardi Jeans I fell in love with immediately and so I ordered it.


I feared the shoes were going to be too narrow as well, so when they arrived a couple of days later, I hesitantly put my feet inside them and hurray… they fit perfectly 😀 I felt like Cinderella going to the ball 😀

They are quite high but they’ve got a little platform which makes them just that bit more comfortable. And because of the shoelaces, I can adjust them to my wider feet. I also think they look marvelous with my dress.

They will look great under many outfits so who’s the lucky girl?! I am apparantly 😀

3.The jewellery


My bracelet is from Swarovski. I love the rock-chick look and it just goes perfectly with my dress. I didn’t hesitate for a second… off to the counter!


I didn’t want my earrings to be overpowering as it is quite an intense outfit and so I opted for these plain, black earrings with a slight glitter. I found them on Zalando as well.


Just one more thing now… a handbag!

4.The handbag


As the mini-bag is really trending, it was quite obvious that I preferred a mini-bag over a clutch. I really wanted a bag with a shoulderstrap as I will take lots of pictures that day so I want to have my hands free.

I had seen so many possible contenders, but in the end I went for a mini-bag from the brand ‘Kisses of pearl’, which I bought at Torfs.

Actually you buy a body, which comes in 4 different colours: black, white, silver and gold. Each body has 2 different straps: a leather one and a chain, but you can wear it without straps too.

Then they offer covers in several colours and styles (plain leather, with sequins, with lace). You can click the cover on the body and that way you can mix and match all you want.

I bought the black body and 2 covers: a plain black one and a black/gold sequined one, which I will wear on the wedding.

The sequined cover is clicked onto the body and the plain leather one is on the right.

I think this mixing and matching is such a fun idea! I really hope they will expand their collection of bodies and covers so that I can keep on mixing 😀

And that, my dearest followeres, completes my outfit.  Phew, quite an ellaborate outfitpost… sorry, but I am just so over the moon with all my purchases!!

What do you think of the complete outfit? Not your traditional wedding outfit I know… but I think I just look so fab!

And now I’m off to a party if you don’t mind 😀

Love, Kathleen

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Below you see Richard Gere and his girlfriend Alejandra Silva… glad to see she has exellent taste 😀

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5 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: A wedding outfit

    1. Merci Isabelle! Het was een héél mooie dag… Ik ben superblij met mijn keuze en heb lekker veel complimentjes gehad… dat kan een mens toch deugd doen hé 😀 Groetjes, Kathleen


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