Beauty ‘n Fashion: A facial and a manicure for a wedding


Last Saturday it was my sister’s wedding as you will probably know as I have been blabbing about it non-stop…

Of course I wanted to look my very best and that’s why the day before the wedding I took the day off, I did some cleaning and grocery shopping, but the rest of the day I could really pamper myself with a manicure and a luxury at home facial and prepare everything for the next day.



At noon I had an appointment with Claudia, my nail artist.

As my outfit was black with some golden accents, I opted for black and gold on my nails as well.  Claudia really outdid herself once again… Thanks for making my nails look beautiful again Claudia!

After lunch (blueberry and oatmeal pancakes made by my daughter 🙂 !), I cleaned all shoes. I printed the text I was going to read during the civil service and then it was a bit of blogging/facebook time before taking a power nap 🙂

2. Shower!


After my siesta I took a shower. But before going into the shower, I scrubbed my body with a dry scrub, to make sure to remove all dead skincells as I was going to use a self tanning lotion. So to avoid patches, I wanted to give my body a good scrub first.

I rinsed off the scrub in the shower. I shaved my legs and armpits and washed my hair and body. I also scrubbed my face. At the end, I turned the water quite cold, so I was really freshened up!

3. A luxury at home facial


I had already cleansed and scrubbed my face in the shower after which I completed my facial with two top products by Estée Lauder:

  • Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask
  • Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Powerfoil Mask

Both products are absolutely divine and you can expect a full review soon.

4. Self tanning lotion


Whilst my face mask was doing its magic, I could give my tan a bit of attention.

I haven’t been to a tanning station in years, but as my skin needed some colour, I applied a self tanning lotion. I am currently using the Sublime Bronze from L’Oréal Paris (see this post).

I only applied some self tanning lotion on my arms (I didn’t bother about my legs as I was going to wear tights). I could use this tanning lotion on its own, but I always mix it with an ordinary body milk to avoid patches.

I used the self-tanning lotion again the next morning so by the time we had to leave for the wedding, I had a soft, natural glow… exactly what I wanted!

5.Preparing for the next day…

In the late afternoon it was all hands on deck again: I did a final check-up of all the outfits, painted my daughter’s nails and I made sure that everything we would have to take with us the next day (extra pairs of shoes, umbrellas, camera and batteries,…) was at the ready. Phew, going to a wedding with your entire family means planning, let me tell you that!

Next week I will take you through my make-up look step by step!

Love, Kathleen

Here you could see me shopping for my outfit!


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