Trips ‘n Travels: England – Swanage


Last week you could see some breathtaking pictures (even if I do say so myself!) of the Jurassic Coast and our boattrip from Swanage to Poole.

Today I will tell you a bit more about Swanage, the little coastal town were we took the boat to Poole.


Swanage is situated in Purbeck, a rural district in Sout Dorset. It is a Victorian coast town which offers an array of possibilities to do, rain or shine!



You can explore the little town of course, but Swanage is also situated right on the South-West Coast Path with stunning views and amazing wildlife. We only did a teeny tiny bit of this Coast Path, but we were already spoiled rotten with spectacular vistas!



For the trained cyclists, Swanage and the surrounding countryside offer lots of challenging cycle routes.



Swanage has a gently sloping, golden beach and the sea is clear. In summer there are lifeguards, so it’s perfect for a refreshing swim!

You can also take a stroll along the Victorian Pier which offers you lovely views of the Swanage Bay and of course there are several watersports on offer like diving, paddling,…

Steam train

In Swanage you can take the steam train through the Purbeck countryside towards Corfe, a village situated inland. Corfe is a gem as you will be able to see in next week’s post!! More information on the steam train can be found on the website of Swanage Railway.

By the way, I recently saw the film ‘Dunkirk’. At the end of the film, when the soldiers arrive back in England, they take a train inland… well… I recognized the location immediately as Swanage 😀



For those of you who like to stroll around a local market, Swanage has two 😀

  • Every Friday from April to October: town market
  • Every  2nd Saturday of the month: Purbeck Produce Market



A visit to the Swanage Museum will teach you more about the history, geology and geography of the town and the surrounding area.

The museum is situated in the Old Market Building (built in the 1890’s) on Swanage seafront



A coast town often attracts artists… and with Swanage that is certainly the case! A lot of artists were (and still are!) inspired by the beauty Swanage offers.

There is an Art Trail that can be followed, bringing you to different locations where you can admire paintings of the Isle of Purbeck. If you’re more into sculptures, there is also a Sculpture Trail.

In the village you find lots of studios, gift shops, galleries and workshops.  There are also several creative festivals and in the autum there is the Purbeck Film Festival. You can find out more about these festivals and other events on this website.

You see, plenty to see and do in this little town!  Enjoy your time in Swanage 😉

Love, Kathleen






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