Beauty ‘n Fashion: Long sparkly cardigan



I’ve been buying a lot of sparkly clothes lately, like this long cardigan. I bought it at the end of summer, but it’s one of those pieces that can be worn throughout the year.

This cardigan was ridiculously cheap… I only payed 15 EUR for it at Takko fashion, a budget clothing shop where I sometimes wander around and yes, sometimes I do find something cool or trendy! Goes to show that fashion on a budget is possible 🙂


Take this long cardigan for example. OK, so the fabric isn’t really thick… and no it isn’t lined… but I love the length (wich is actually good to make me look taller as I have learned in the wardrobe make-over I’ve recently had) and I love the sparkly thread in it, wich makes it a bit more festive. Mind, I don’t keep my sparkly clothes for the festive season!! I wear them all year round 🙂

I am styling this cardigan with my black cropped pants from Frnch and a silver top from Lola & Liza which you have seen before in other outfitposts like this one.



As velvet is thé thing this winter, I have bought two velvet scarfs. This one is in a very dark blue and I’ve got a similar one in fuchsia.

Do you buy budget clothing or not? Which is your favourite budget clothing shop?

Love, Kathleen

Here you can see a post with a denim jacket I bought at Takko.



DSC_7065  DSC_7078DSC_7053

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