Beauty ‘n Fashion: Wardrobe make-over with Greet Moens


Now this post is a must-read for all those who are a bit stuck fashion-wise, for those who keep on wearing the same kind of clothes over and over again, for those who style their outfits always in the same way, but also for those who think they’re doing quite alright! Everyone can learn something from this post, I promise… read on I’d say 😀

Thanks to good old Instagram, I had the pleasure of meeting Greet Moens last year. I had been following her for a couple of months on IG, saw that she was doing a closet sale and as she didn’t live very far from me, I decided to try my luck! I can say that it was the beginning of a new friendship and we have been seeing eachother regularly this past year.

Greet is a stylist, a beauty coach, a personal shopper and she has just started a webshop which you can find here. She is a very passionate, honest person with a very distinctive and colourful style. I love how she dares to wear these clashing colours whereas I often keep on mixing black with black… and a white T for a bit of ‘colour’…  until my wardrobe make-over…


As I had been helping Greet out with some things, she wanted to do something in return and she offered to do a wardrobe make-over. As I am interested in all things fashion, I gladly accepted her offer and a couple of weeks ago she came around to my house to check out my wardrobe.

As she says, women are wearing only about 30% of their clothes and I guess in my case that was exactly the point. I have so many clothes, but I keep on wearing the same things over and over again… and I always style them in the same way!

When Greet opened up my closet, she immediately started pulling out the more colourful items and asked me how I styled them. Often my answer was ‘with a white t-shirt’ or ‘it’s been such a long time since I have worn that’ or ‘I haven’t worn this at all/I have worn this only once or twice’…


Heaps of clothes were thrown on my bed and Greet started to make all these new combinations depending on my character and my body type. She didn’t forget who I am though… a girl who likes to wear black, so of course she styled my black skirts and trousers… but not the way I usually style them (with more black/denim/white T). No, she made me realize that colours and prints are more fun to wear and give all this energy!

Now Greet admits that there definitely is a time and place to wear black, but she really advises to try and keep far from it though… Mind, I didn’t agree on every silhouette Greet suggested, but of course she tried to convince me otherwise! Sometimes she succeeded, but on some silhouettes we agreed to disagree 😀

Greet also gave me so many tips on colours, styling, shoes, what is missing in my wardrobe,…


If you are interested, you can contact Greet through her website. A wardrobe make-over takes 3 hours and costs 70 EUR/hour. OK, that is 210 EUR in total, but please see this as an investment!! You get so many outfits out of your closet… for free! Those 210 EUR are very well spent, believe me!

Here are some of the tips Greet gave me (mind these are tips based on my personality and body type so they might not do the trick for you!!):


I wouldn’t wear the little scarf tied around my neck as that makes me look too much like an air hostess, but overall I like this outfit a lot! Red and blush = 10/10 😀


  • Colours: bright colours/spring colours
  • As I am quite short, Greet gave some tips on how to look taller:
    • my pants should be left as long as possible
    • wearing pointy shoes makes you look longer
    • wearing a long necklace/long earrings
    • wearing a long scarf
    • wearing a belt of which one end is left longer
  • I should emphasize my waist as that’s my ‘strong’ point.
  • I’ve got a couple of shorter pants/culottes. I enjoy wearing them, but apparantly it doesn’t do much to my height! When I wear them I should keep in mind to keep my shoes as simple as possible and preferably ton sur ton.
  • When wearing a cardigan, I should not close the bottom buttons to avoid the straight line that creates. When you leave the lower two buttons open, you create a round shape  which is more friendly for people with wider hips.

What’s missing in my wardrobe

How to wear black? With sequins, lace and leopard of course! Opaque tights will look better on this silhouette though.
  • opaque tights
  • a couple of long-sleeved t-shirts in a vibrant colour (blue, red, purple), in burgundy and camel
  • a red scarf
  • a pair of very long and very wide black trousers

So you see, not very much is missing. I guess I shouldn’t spend a lot of money on new stuff… I should however spend some time in my closet trying to assemble new silhouettes!!

Pros of a wardrobe make-over

Heaps of combinations…
  • Three hours of pure fun!
  • Shop heaps of new looks straight out of your closet… it doesn’t cost you a penny 😀
  • Very honest approach and advice.
  • Lots of personal tips on how to style your outfit.
  • Tips on which colours look good on you.
  • Tips on how to dress for your body type.
  • From wearing 30% out of your closet to 70%… all in 3 hours time!!!
  • During the make-over Greet takes pictures of all the new outfits and combinations. That way you can make a ‘look-book’ as a source of inspiration.

Cons of a wardrobe make-over


Trying out outfits, wearing different shoes 🙂


  • Absolutely none that I can think of! Some may say that it is expensive, but I guess you have to see this wardrobe make-over as an investment in yourself. Once you have had such a make-over, you can work with the tips for the rest of your life and you can start shopping in your own closet without spending money!

More silhouettes Greet made for me

Look 1: the pleated skirt from this post… but not combined with a white T though 😀


Look 2: I don’t think I would wear this combination… but the longer I look at this outfit, the more I get it… so perhaps one day:-)


Look 3: my black lace skirt seems to go really well with that leopard top 😀


Look 4: this sleeveless dress I usually wear as it is or with a short black cardigan… Never would I have thought that this multi-coloured blouse would look so good underneath it!!



Look 5: Another way to wear this dress… with a navy sweater on top so the dress really looks like a skirt! A fine belt was added to define my waist. The cobalt blue long cardigan and the ochre scarf finish of this look. Love it. (Would wear the red shoes with it)




Look 6: The blouse and skirt have similar shades. To break up this look, Greet made me wear my obi belt, my red cardigan and a long necklace.



Look 7: These pants can be styled in a million ways… with a silver grey sweater, obi belt, long necklace, denim jacket and sneakers for instance!


Some silhouettes I made myself the week after my make-over

And then I had the difficult task to make my own silhouettes…  I’ve got all these black items hanging in my closet, so I will definitely keep on wearing them! I styled them with bolder tops and I tried to think of making myself look longer… I hope I succeeded!

Look 1: these are actually all summer pieces, but for the office this look was definitely warm enough! I must say that I think the black tights look a bit harsh underneath that skirt… might buy some burgundy tights for this outfit as that will look a bit softer.


Look 2: I always wore this black lace skirt with a black turtleneck… but this looks soooo much better! I really feel comfortable in this outfit 🙂


Look 3: I had to give training at work… so what to wear? I wanted to look professional, yet a bit different! I opted for my black faux leather skirt with a copper coloured top, my red cashmere cardigan, a fine belt to emphasize my waist and my fringed ankle boots. Professional and different… double check!


Look 4 : this outfit I wore on a fancy dinner date with my hubby. The dress speaks for itself, and I combined it with a vintage purple Thiery Mugler biker jacket. On point!


Look 5 : And another work outfit… I never ever would have styled my blush blouse with that red cashmere cardigan, but I absolutely love this look!! The scarf and long necklace make me look taller than I am.


Which is your favourite look? Let me know in the comments!

I must say that I really LOVE my closet now… Every night I try to think of a couple of possibilities to wear the following day. In the morning I try them out and choose the silhouette I feel most comfortable in at that time.  I really can’t resist wearing something else every day now 😀

Love, Kathleen










7 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Wardrobe make-over with Greet Moens

    1. Thank you so much Emma! Some of these are a bit (!) bolder than I would normally pick out myself, but seeing myself in them, I think they look just fine! Have a lovely SUnday. Kathleen


  1. Love look 4 🙂 I also go back to the ‘same old’ very often. I have a ton of gray stuff (which seem to be my go-to-color) no black (not a black person) and a ton of color to combine with the gray. But my blue jeans are just my most worn items

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That look is so surprising isn’t it?! Well it was to me anyway 🙂 I am so glad she offered me this make-over… learned heaps of stuff and I am wearing so much more different things out of my wardrobe! Definitely to be recommended 🙂 Love, Kathleen


  2. Sportmax kleedje met het vest van Mugler! Top! Maar de meeste looks vind ik mooi (zeker ook blauwe broek, blauw vest en rood t-shirt proberen, vind ik persoonlijk heel mooi!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Die blauwe look heb ik al aan gedaan met zilveren top + sjaaltje en daar kon ik me wel in vinden! Met dat rood is mss nog iets té… dat komt nog wel 🙂 Groetjes! x


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