Beauty ‘n Fashion: Gel nails in 2017


Ho ho ho… merry X-mas!!! And what better way to celebrate X-mas than with a look at the different gel nails I’ve had in 2017?! Here we go!

My first gel nails of 2017, was a chique twist to the classic French manicure. I let my nail artist add some glitter on one nail. I still like this and might do it again!


After having these neutral nails, it was time for some colour! I chose this deep purple colour, with one nail in a slightly lighter shade.

2 - maart

And then it was on to this pale blue, with one nail in a matching glitter shade.

3 - april

On my sister’s wedding it was all about black and gold… and so where my nails!

4- april

And then it was onto fuchsia… with glitter tips and one glitter nail.

5 - mei

I’d had pink… now it was back to blue! Aqua to be more precise… and one multi-coloured glitter nail 😀

6- juni

And back to pink… this time a very soft shade, with one nail in a rosé gold glitter.


And pink it remained… this time a fierce shade, perfect for high summer if you ask me!


September brought a bit of rest concerning my nail colour… back to the classic French which I always like!


And later in the month I moved on to this light heather-like colour, with one sparkly one.


October came and my nails turned red. Always a classic and always a winner!


At the end of October I went for black with a tiny bling detail on each nail. I think this looks so chique!


The beginning of December I opted for this dark blue with one glitter nail.


And last but not least my beautiful Christmas nails… all wrapped up 😀


And that’s it concerning my 2017 gel nails… what will 2018 bring?! More pinks and blues probably… and with a French manicure in between… you’ll find out soon on Instagram… or next year during my 2018 round-up!!

Love, Kathleen


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