Beauty ‘n Fashion: Velvet Dress


Today’s outfitpost is about this fabulous teal velvet dress which is just everything I needed and more for my Christmas outfit!

You might remember this dress from the ‘exploring my neighbourhood’ post from a couple of months ago: I explored the conceptstore ‘Twist & Mix Warande’ in Beveren and during that day I tried on this teal velvet dress. It was love at first fit 😀

As Annick, the owner of both ‘Twist & Mix Warande’ and ‘Twist and Mix by Annick Goedhuys‘ was quite happy with the blogposts I wrote for her, she gave me this dress as a thank you and I’m just so happy with it!!


I have worn it before on a couple of occasions, but I immediately knew I would wear this for Christmas!

This dress just doesn’t need much in my opinion: the colour, the fit, the fabric… it’s just perfect as it is! But for Christmas I do add this sparkly belt, my pearl earrings and a little handbag from Kisses of Pearls to make it even more festive.

Now bring on that champagne please 😉

Love, Kathleen




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