Trips ‘n Travels: My top of 5 free things to do in Paris!


Now as most of you may know by now, I really love Paris… it’s such a good, fab and lovely city to visit anytime of year! And as I visit the City of Lights quite often, I can give you a bit of advice on what to see and do in the capital of La Douce France!

Today I will give you my (current…) top 5 of free things to do in Paris! Take a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of wine… whatever…, and take note 😀

Now I know Paris has many fab museums and great expositions, but I usually stroll around, enjoying the city as it is… a truly wonderful place to wander around and get lost!

Paris can also be an expensive city to explore… but in today’s post I will share with you my (current) top 5 of free things to do!

1.View from Galeries Lafayette


Galeries Lafayette is a deparment store which can be found on Boulevard Haussmann in the heart of Paris.

It offers a unique array of brands which of course can be very tempting for the fashionista amongst us. The store is a sight on its own with its impressive dome in the main hall. Especially during Christmas time the Galeries Lafayette is a must-see as the Christmas decorations are extremely impressive!

The department store covers several floors, but to me there’s no floor as interesting as the roof terrace!


Just go onto the escalators to the top floor and take the stairs to go onto the roof terrace… and there you have it ladies and gentlemen… one of the finest views of Paris… and all for free which makes it even more worthwhile 🙂

Now Paris in its own is lovely… but Paris seen from above is absolutely stunning. Enjoy the view you have from this roof terrace… you can even have a nibble or a drink up on the roof terrace at certain times!

Fab experience… you’re welcome 😉

My best friend Katrien and yours truly on the roof terrace from Galeries Lafayettes.

Check out this and this post for more views!

2.Stroll around Parc Monceau


A stroll in a park is always lovely, especially on a beautiful Spring day. I have seen several gardens and parks in Paris, but none has left an impression on me as Parc Monceau.

Parc Monceau can be found not far from the Arc De Triomphe. It’s no’t the biggest park, nor the oldest or the finest… but it has so much character. It’s cosy, a lovely getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and it’s just the perfect place to rest your feet for a while!

My top tip: buy a baguette, some Brie and a bottle of wine… drape yourselves on the grass and enjoy a lovely picknick!


Check out this post in which I tell you a bit more about Parc Monceau!

3.Paris Fashion Week – People watching in the Jardins des Tuileries

Chriselle Lim, famous blogger from the

Now a couple of years ago, I was in Paris during Paris Fashion Week. Mind, I was just there for a daytrip and I had nothing to do with PFW, but I knew there would be a fashion show in the Jardin des Tuileries so I wanted to go there just to get the vibes…


And vibes I surely got!!! There were so many people there! Guests arriving, people being or feeling important, famous bloggers, fashionable people and then people like me… just trying to absorb all that was happening whilst taking plenty of pictures of course!

I was in Paris with my best friend. She’s larger than I am so she spotted the people I could take pictures off :-D… We had the best time 😉

In this post you can see heaps more Paris Fashion Week streetstyle pics!

4.Christmas decorations


Not long ago I experienced Paris during Christmastime. It was my first winter visit to the city and I must say I quite enjoyed it!!

Many stores go all the way when it comes to Christmas decorations, trying to compete with their rivals of course… I especially liked the Christmas decorations on the Avenue Montaigne and near Place Vendôme. But even when walking in quieter and more modest neighbourhoods, Christmas is definitely all around.

So when you get the chance of visiting Paris in December… please do so… you won’t be disappointed!


Check out this post for lots of festive pics!

5. Street Market – Rue Cler


The Rue Cler is a street situated between Champ de Mars and Les Invalides and is partly a pedestrian area.

The street offers a lot of specialist shops which put up a stall in front of their shop every day. This is the place to be to buy food, macarons, chocolates, bread, flowers, patisserie, cheese,…

What’s so fine about this market is, that it doesn’t attract an overload of tourists. You can actually feel like a Parisienne walking this street and having a coffee in one of the café’s. Highly recommendable!

Yip, the ‘good, fab and lovely’ macarons are taken at the Rue Cler Street Market 🙂

Read this post in which I tell you a bit more about the Rue Cler street market.

And that concludes my tips I’m sorry to say! I know you want to spend just a bit more time in this beautiful city, so I treat you to a couple of more pics below…

What are your tips on visiting Paris for free? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen






Christina Pitanguy from



Rue Cler street market
The Eiffel Tower is always close when visiting Rue Cler market!


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