France: Paris – Rue Cler, brunch and Galeries Lafayette


A couple of weeks ago I went on a daytrip to Paris with my good friend Katrien. Last week you could see heaps of photos of our Paris Fashion Week afternoon at Jardin des Tuileries. Today I will tell you what the rest of our day looked like.

After arriving in Paris, the bus dropped us off at the Bateaux Mouches. We wanted to visit the Rue Cler market. So we strolled the streets of the 7th arrondissement, popping in a shop here and there and having a coffee at Le Moulin de la Vierge to boost our caffeine level.

Le moulin de la Vierge.

Then we arrived at Rue Cler. This market is really neat and a bit different from what you might expect from a market. The street consists mainly of food shops and florists and the merchants stall their products on the footpath in front of their shop. Fruit and vegetables, fish, chocolates, flowers,… The people shopping here are mainly locals and it was really nice to walk along this market as it was not crowded at all.




After our market visit, we walked towards the Seine again, spotting the Eiffel Tower here and there. This tower definitely has a certain magnetism on me… I have photographed it so many times, but I can’t help myself. Everytime I see it I have to take just a few more shots… I haven’t been on top yet, but that is certainly on my whishlist!



View on Musée d’Orsay.


Crossing the Seine on the Passerelle Solférino, we went towards the Rue de Rivoli. My friend once stayed at the Saint James Albany Hotel and we had made a reservation to have brunch in that hotel. We were certainly not disappointed by our choice. The menu was quite ellaborate. At only 31 EUR we had a choice from different buffets : there was the breakfast bar, different fish dishes (salmon bellevue and prawns), pasta, cheese, sliced meats. We were also served a hot dish (tuna with stir fried vegetables) and then there were the sweets… patisserie, macarons, little pancakes, pies,… everything was so delicious! Coffee, tea and fruit juice were included in the price. We also shared a carafe of red wine. As the weather was so amazing, we could sit on the courtyard. This hotel is situated in the busy centre of Paris, but in the courtyard it was so tranquil and peaceful…


One of the many dishes I served myself at the buffets.
The dessert buffet was perfect for my sweet tooth!


At two o’clock we went to the Jardin des Tuileries to soak up the Paris Fashion Week atmosphere. You could read that (and see the many photos!) in last week’s post but here just a quick reminder 🙂 !

The stylish Chriselle Lim from
Sun-lit ladies in Jardins des Tuileries 😀


After our touch of glamour, we went to the Galeries Lafayette as we wanted to see the view from the roof terrace. After a bit of shopping, we went on top of this building and we were treated to an amazing view. It already was 7 pm so the sun (which had been working really hard that day!) had started setting. There was a golden glow hanging over the city and once again I fell in love with this metropolis…






I love this photo of my good friend Katrien and myself… although my hair looks a bit crazy 🙂 Nice to have the Eiffel Tower in between us!



After going on top of the Galeries Lafayette, we strolled a bit through the town making some more photos and to end our day we went to the Buddha-Bar near Place De La Concorde to have a couple of wines before heading home.

Paris had been lovely as always… and I am already dreaming of my next visit!

Love, Kathleen

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And here you can read about my spring-daytrip to Paris, when I went with my two daughters…

Au Printemps, another big shopping center.
La Madeleine



And one last time… the Eiffel Tower… couldn’t resist, sorry!

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