Beauty ‘n Fashion: Black summerdress


A couple of months ago I did an ‘Exploring my neighbourhood’ post about the shop of a friend of mine (you can read it here). Recently she organised a ladies’ night and I found this comfy summerdress of which you can read more in today’s outfitpost!

Now I don’t buy black anymore… well, not often anyway 😀 and that has everything to do with a wardrobe make-over I did some time ago with Greet Moens from ‘Become who you are‘. She learned me a lot about combining colours and ever since that wardrobe make-over, I have been more aware of wearing and buying colourful clothes.

But when I tried on this black summerdress, I just couldn’t resist I must admit… sorry Greet 🙂


This dress is actually beachwear. The fabric is really light and a bit like the fabric of a bathingsuit. So actually it’s a dress to wear on top of your bikini to go to the beach. But I think you can wear it anytime really!

For a trip to Holland (to the beachside resort Scheveningen to be more precise, didn’t go to the beach though!), I wore it with my denim jacket and my black comfy wedges.


I styled it with a golden belt and earrings, my black ‘n gold Swarovski bracelet and my stunning shades from Ralph Lauren. I really felt comfortable in this LBD and I think I will wear it quite a few times during the next few months!

What do you think of the dress? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen







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