Beauty ‘n Fashion: Off the shoulder top


Today a bit more about a festive off the shoulder top I recently bought… and it was only 15 EUR! Want to know more? Read on I’d say…

Recently I tried on this absolutely stunning dress… I looked so fab in this off the shoulder bright red Karen Millen robe. My husband nodded approvingly, but actually… I didn’t need a stunning red dress… I needed some tops and blouses to wear with my pants and skirts… so with a bit of a heavy heart, but so proud of myself for being so sensible (!), I put the dress back and went looking for some tops and blouses instead!

Now for about the same price as that fab red dress, I found 7 tops, blouses and cardigans. How good is that?! I know 😀

So in today’s outfitpost I will show you one of those tops, a lovely off the shoulder top I bought at H&M for only 15 EUR!



It is quite a festive top, definitely not one to wear to work. I think it will look amazing on denim or on my bright blue Armani skirt (from this post), but today I am styling it with a black and white striped skirt I bought a couple of years ago (it’s from Compagnia Italiana).

I don’t wear that skirt very often, but now I have bought this top, I think it’ll come out of the wardrobe a bit more! I am wearing my black Trussardi Jeans sandals I bought for my sister’s wedding last year and a cute black handbag. The choker only cost me 5 EUR and was made by my nail artist (she’s so creative!).


Do you like this look? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

PS: here you can see another off the shoulder top






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