Beauty ‘n Fashion: Off the shoulder top


Off the shoulder tops are definitely ‘a thing’ this summer. I really like this trend but I think at my age and with my curves, wearing an off the shoulder top can get a bit tricky… until I stumbled upon this beauty…
Now these off the shoulder tops are just a passing trend. So it’s definitely something I won’t  spend an arm and a leg on!  But when I saw this top at HM at only 9,99 EUR I just couldn’t resist buying it! I know it will be my ‘budget buy of the season’ 🙂

Technically it’s not an off the shoulder top but an ‘off one shoulder top’… And on the other shoulder there is still a fine strap. I think this top is perfect for people who are not stick-thin but still want to follow this trend.

I also like this off-white lacey fabric. It’s light and airy and it will be perfect on a hot summer’s day.

I immediately knew how I would want to wear this top : with my bleached, distressed, cropped denim from E5-mode. And to upgrade this look, I chose to wear my electric blue Dorothy Perkins sandals and matching clutch.

A couple of weeks ago you could see quite a fancy outfit (see here) with these sandals and clutch, but I think this combination also works…

And what do you think about my sunglasses?? No designers sunnies… nope, just one I got at the supermarket!

I am actually quite in love with this budget outfit and I cannot wait to wear it!!

Love, Kathleen








Photography : Peter Kluskens

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