Beauty ‘n Fashion: Maybelline – Super Stay 24h Longwear Foundation


Today I present to you the Super Stay 24 hour Longwear Foundation from Maybelline! I had read good reviews about this foundation… High time to test it out myself!

The promises

This is what I could read on the website of Maybelline:

‘Why it works:

  • sits comfortably and looks perfect all day long
  • micro-flex formula that lasts for 24u and doesn’t shift
  • resists heat, transpiration and humidity
  • oil-free, dermatologically tested, fragrance-free
  • suitable for all skintypes’



  • Comes in 6 shades.
  • Natural-looking foundation.
  • Haven’t tried it out for 24 hours, but this foundation certainly lasted for an entire workday!
  • Doesn’t look cakey.
  • It says ‘medium coverage’, but this certainly is enough for me! I don’t want a full coverage, so this is perfect.
  • Economic in use… and in price!
  • I like the pump system which is very hygienic.
  • Sturdy glass bottle.


  • No SPF which I really miss in a foundation, especially in summer!


Pity about the lack of SPF or otherwise I would buy this again and again and again!

Love, Kathleen


10 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Maybelline – Super Stay 24h Longwear Foundation

    1. I am from Belgium. When I was writing this post and looked up some things on the Maybelline site, I did notice that in other countries there are more shades and that this foundation comes in another packaging as well!

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